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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh god...Wht's killing my EYES....... !!! ( Bad Fashion Days )

Being a girl its the best topic i can share my views on  :-p !!!

So "FASHION"-the new trends, new style , new combination....all  to make you look good.Its no more just for girls , but has become something important , that concerns both the gender equally these days.Though i must correct myself using the word "GOOD"......because mostly "FASHION DISASTER " goes out to be the best topic to be discussed after an awesome party or after a normal routine day,as its everywhere. :-) . This just reminds me about few laughs i have enjoyed in my school days and few to warn others in their adulthood  ::

1 . Well charity begins at home....... :-p . Have you ever observed your good old days photos (probably school days) posing with your friends or family . Atleast one out of three will surely make you laugh....for me infact i use to bring the biggest disaster at times. But specially reminds me about the cousin wearing "white pearl necklace with golden embellishments and extremely frilled brown skirt ", and now i wonder what use to make me jealous of her (we were in 8th class ) :-p.

2 . I remember the long knee length , slender , light brown skirt with some graphical designs i bought after fighting a lot with my parents on my birthday,over that i wore cream color full sleeves t-shirt with all possible shimmeries "something".And than posing with my all girlfriends for a click who just loved my dress.........what was our problem dude.Well i still laugh and at times feel shy to show those pics to others.... :-p

4 . Teenage is very interesting with lots of new things and feelings,where "CRUSH" tops the list. Its obvious to have crush on school's smartest guy but it was crushed badly when i saw him that day.I saw him first time in a civil dress in tution , and it was an "Orange color shiffon cloth with green palm trees ". I know you look smart but does'nt mean in everything you wear that too when you are not in GOA.

3 .Well disaster in school days exceptable .....v were just kids. But the other day i was roaming in the Mall and i saw a face in the crowd which drew my attention.....nice biceps, handsome look , tall , smart....eeeeeeeeewwwwwww  " A PINK TIGHT T-SHIRT PAIRED WITH SKY BLUE JEANS ". Oh my god was he a model inspiring guys to wear pink or gay.....I except guys are trying to remove PINK from the list of  " JUST GIRLY LOVE ". But please such combinations - don't except girls to fall for you even though its PINK.

4 . Coming to the most common scene guys actually enjoy is the trend of wearing "Low Waist Jeans".Sometimes i feel like pulling it down for guys.....because its just at the verge of that.It look as if poor thing is being made suffered , by rubbing it off below the shoes and not even giving the option to save itself by pulling it little up.And don't forget girls......low waist does make us look HOT but its too much when its too down from back.... :-p

5 . And well this disaster is not only being followed in massive just by young crowd , but middle age and oldies too contribute interestingly. When i met her in a party after long time i had a thought : "Aunty i know you were the most wanted girl in your college days but now you are grandma of two , please realize that your back is no more sexy and stop revealing it with that deep cut blouses. :-p

6 . And my observations when i went to delhi ( Don't get offencive delhities ), just make me spread around one sentence : " Fashion is not about dress being beautiful but how beautiful it can make you look" . So please atleast avoid those tight t-shirts and jeans where visibility of that " TUMMY " becomes more lucid, those shimmery clothes which highlight you as "OMG what's killing my eyes" among the formal crowd , and  just look yourself once in the mirror before you leave home ,what looks good on her/him may not make you look the same.

Well this does'nt concludes my list about the disasters, it will go on and and always bring up something for us to laugh on and remember. But there's someone you can always look at and make yourself feel better when you have undergone some serious fashion disaster ..... "I'm better then LADY GAGA :-p " !!!!!

Cheers :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


     For everyone life may change up in a minute or say just a second, its that mysterious and dark at times . But who knows what's awaiting for you behind the scene. It can be a Big Bang creating whole new universe or the same old routine , one's been following since years. But everything leave behind the traces , may be for you to follow and grab something or  for someone else to follow you and bring the most unexpected thought in your life.Curiosity is the essence of living in this world, everything that happens lead to "SOMETHING". And we in greed of that "SomethinG" prays for one day more in our age.The search continues.....never ending !!!!!

  Now for me what matter is ,what one earns and loose in this journey of never ending search.I earned like hundred of beautiful friends, moments with my family and loved ones, the laughs that still echoes in my mind , cries which i shared , fights solved with a smile , ice creams  in that winter night , long walk in summer evenings , food made by my mom , sitting behind father's scooter, drizzle with a rainbow , lovely outing with my best friends ,latest crush, those special nicknames , and the lonely times i actually enjoyed. As human nature , i got so much to write....list goes on with memories getting piled up , but i cherish the beautiful ones among all.Though the shadows of past are very disturbing but " To get rid ourselves of the shadows- we must step either to total light or total darkness" . I opted and experienced both , and each has its own beauty if i think now.But still i love these mysterious light which comes from the corner every night and behold my breath everytime .

These shadows are lot scary at an instant , i woke up from a dream with red eyes , dejavu conquer my world around , again i start thinking and tear trickles down.But yes they are lovable sometimes , i play with these shadows of past , just choose the best among all , the thoughts make me smile , so fresh , so charming and priceless.....just like the fragrance of rose preserved in my book from long time.So whatever life has for me .... i know it be different and new. Behind the shadows i see a wall.......that lead to something bright or darkest of all.But I'm  not anxious for the aim , because i cherish these memories and try hard to make them real .Though few are gone , but a lot is left , i wanna collect those traces and make them my "REST".That's where still lies my heart , in a beautiful garden of joy once i rushed like a child and where i completed my journey with so much of zeal , wrapped in a purity of white satin bubble , with my loved ones around . So there lies a hope, that the brightest light behind the wall is the " Reality " i dream about , that's how i  wanna live my future days before i become shadow of someone's life..........

After all the " SHADOWS OF LIFE " is "JUST ABOUT YOU "....... !!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010


                              Democracy is good . I say this because other systems are worse  :                                                   quoted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
India is a one of the country where democracy was first started as a political form of government, after greece, where it existed some 2000 years ago. Democracy means that each and every citizen being reflected as equal before law and have equal acess to power.So it’s more about the Majority Rule.Therefore, ”Morality “ and “Freedom “ can be categorised as two basic features of democracy.But what does these terms actually mean…..???
Morality describes individual’s behaviour and conduct in a society , how their decisions and actions differentiate themselves from others.It is about what is objectively right or wrong. Whereas , freedom can be defined in one word as “Liberty”.Freedom to do anything without focussing on , whether it is right or wrong . Morality is generally shared within community or culture , whereas freedom is an individual thought. Now applying these terms on basis of political background , it can be said that they are the governing factors.They not only frame the outline for the governing system of a country but also define it’s citizen.Hence,they are important adjectives for country like India.Therefore we can say now , that India is a democratic country where terms like morality and freedom are used in best way.Since we enjoy freedom of speech , secularism , freedom to think and freedom to express it in our best possible manner.Inspite of the diversity , we share unity among ouselves.But focussing on few last and present scenarios , may force us to change our perspective towards a bizzare behaviour.
Few days back on 30th october 2010, the jugdement for biggest issue since years was released . Strangely everything went normal because of the neutral jugdement .The day started normally without any rage or war . But the situation was different few days before.On 28th october 2010 I got the message (in hindi ):

हर हिन्दू के मियां से  निकलेगी तलवार राम के नाम से ,
नादान मारा जायेगा राम के नाम से ,
 माँ कसम हर मुल्लाह मारा जायेगा राम के नाम से ,
जो बचेगा बक्श देंगे उसे राम के राम से ,
Please forward to all hindus………………….

I was quite speechless after reading this .I wondered if this is the what we call freedom , if this is what we call morality….than our country doesn’t deserve to be called democratic anymore. On 29th october 2010 , all TV news channels and newspapers was crowded with topics related to “ AYODHYA RAAM JANAMBHOOMI”. There was chaos everywhere, every eyes stuck on television , and the countdown starts……………….
On 30th october the first thought when I woke up was “Oh, What Will be the veridct ?? ”.This was the mental state of each and every citizen of India that day ,whether he is a Hindu or Muslim.A mixed feeling of excitement , anger , fear and guilt.At 3.30pm , everything stopped , like a silence before storm , empty roads and just Television On.Seeing all these my heart started beating faster, my mind overflowing with thoughts, I had no clue but yes I was scared of living in my own country that moment. I wanted to hide somewhere, I wanted to run away ….my freedom was no more with me , my morality had taken different attitude , where I was more biased and more selfish.  I was scared to leave my home , I was afraid of staying alone. I was against other religion , I suddenly started hating them, I cursed them for everything and wished things could have never happened.But I knew this was the feeling of every other man in the crowd, still no one could help to get out of it.It was the most helpless situation.I hated to be called democratic where my own freedom was snatched from me for no mistake of mine.Political seeds sown by few, has grown into a tree now and we are suffering under its shade. Life was a change for that particular period.

And finally the decision was declared……the 10,000 pages report was read , just in four lines, and at 6o’clock in evening everything went normal.The decision was welcomed whole heartedly by every citizen.And most important everyone was relaxed now.A very positive response .I was smiling now but I realised one thing that moment that I’m no more safe now.My morality and freedom could be hampered any second, if not today then who assures, may be tomorrow.My morality has to think everytime now ,before expressing.My freedom has certain boundaries and I’m not allowed to cross the limit.Liberty is no more a gift for me , rather a compromise.Secularism has to be chosen everytime.Love has to be divided depending upon diversity.Its difficult for me to breathe now. 

Hence , I cited this incidence because, for the first time I had an experience where, I tried to survive in my own country.This is not the only issue but yes here are thousands under which we have to compromise with our freedom and morality , when democracy doesn’t seem to exist in our society.Similarly there are thousands of such incidents where we suffer in our country INDIA, which we say as Democratic.Issues like economy, politics , corruption are basically responsible for our fake democracy.To eradicate them and live a real life, we need a big revolution again which comprises of each and every person without any discrimination on basis of caste or religion.We again have to prove that , our’s is a country with “UNITY IN DIVERSITY “.Otherwise sustainence of “Morality “ and “Freedom” in democracy will become difficult ,which basically defines US, which defines our country “INDIA”.

                                                         JAI HIND !

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turning BACK the pages and U Are everywhere:-)

  This blog I'm writting under "My friends , My life , My Phone... "

I was never fond of gadgets....i always had this thought that , it is simply waste of money.Why a person need phone ?? Just to stay connected with your loved ones , so even a basic cellphone could meet this requirement i believe.Do believe me but i was without a mobile till my 12th class......few people inserted the statement in my mind that "Cellphones Always Destroy You "...So i was leading happy life till then ....untill the day came, when i got opportunity to come bangalore  for my BE degree and thereafter my life changed.It was time to buy the "Destructive Element" and to my wonder my father got me the best one :-) !!! Though smart phones were not that smart by that time.....still i had the facilities like

How it ruined me....he he , lets start from  My 1st SEMESTER :-p....


My college is very chill about the rules......infact they are very much concerned about "US" i must say. So phones in college was not an obligation .So i started carrying cell to my class and use to sit in first or second bench ! To my luck , two of my best friends from school days were also studying in bangalore, so staying connected with them whole day was the most important thing for me those days.But sitting in first bench and sending SMS was not an easy job , so after a month , last two benches became the best destination and to grab those seats i struggled competiting others and reach early for my lectures. SO THIS WAS MY FIRST STEP TOWARDS "DESTRUCTION " :-p !!! From morning till evening i was totally engrossed in sending SMS......updating my friends about each and every act of mine and keeping myself updated about them like "What i had in breakfast", "M i wearing jeans or salwar suit (also colour )" , "Which subject's lecture is going on", "What are the features of professor teaching us "........and it continued .....By the end of my 1st semester i enabled myself with typing speed of 200 words /minute that too without taking off my eyes away from lecturer.So it was quite a "Talent" by then and i excelled in that :-) !!!


As the days passed on , my contact list filled up with more and more friends everyday...but thanks to my cellphone with 8Gb expandable memory which was really one of the best feature 3 years back....!!! In college every student has cellphone but yes the looks , the features , and the smartness of one's phone does matter and for this i use to feel very proud sometimes, my phone had everything : Touchscreen, Good looks, Great memory , GPRS service ,2MP cam etc sometimes i use to showoff also  :-p .Days were fun , and suddenly one midnight i got an SMS , to be more specific my first proposal :-) . I was shy and blushing , i wanted to capture that moment of mine.....and i Smiled and Clicked  :-) !!! My whole day was with phone on ears after that since mine was distance relationship.And then i got the tittle of "MISS Phonogenic " , and a song dedicated by my friends "What is your mobile number , Karu kya dial number " .....24*7 with phone was tiring at times but that was the only source of romantic songs , and lovable talks with my BF :-) . So for whole semester , i was more of in relation with my phone and THAT's How The Second Most Important Change took place in my LIFE.. :-) !!!  


So my days and nights passed on just listening to romantic songs , talking and chatting...., And Studies..??? I don't remember when i use to do that...but yes without music it was difficult for me to study also... :-/ !!! I use to talk , i use to blush , i use to joke, i use to was my only way to all these expressions, infact when my friends use to find me with phone, one day before exam....they came up with a thought that these days i have also started studying on phone :-P !!! Everything was cute until the day i had a bad break up.....and yes again life changed for me to bit depressing this time :-( !!!


My music lists had more of Avril and Jagjit Singh ( Songs with Hopes U know) now........i use to interact less with the crowd and more with my lonesome......I wanted to get out of it, and then one day i started with the feature of "yahoo chat " as in more frequently !!! Sometimes its fun talking to strangers , i was with new routine now.....chatting full day and I was again lucky to actually get some very new good friends . Slowly i was out of my paranormal behaviour and life was pleasant like before.


As with bulk of friends keep in touch with them i had to call with expensive STD rates.That's was quite difficult for a student like me with certain pocket money.And than i guess not only me and many people's life changed with TATA DOCOMO'S new offer 1paise/pulse. To my excitement i bought a new sim , and now 12 hours talking (rest i spent for my other activities )  which was better than chatting :-) !!! Earlier i use to decide the day for making STD calls depending upon my monthly budget but now it was like " Anytime Anywhere" offer :-) !!! Friends are the best part of life and to stay connected to them , without a second thought was the best part :-) !!!


This was the time when after loads of talking , chatting , SMSing .....god i was tired now !!! Finally i was tired and at times felt like throwing away the cell phone whenever it rings...!!! But how could i harm something i loved throughout my college life , which made me capture all my expressions , kept me connected with all friends and got me a new life every MOMENT :-) !!! But to my BAD LUCK this sweet ,cute , lovable phone had this much life only :-( !!! It fell into water and was unrepairable..... :-( ! I don't remember if i cried but yes i still feel upset thinking about this incident :-'( !!!


And here I am in my 7th sem presently.....using the basic series of cellphone these days. ! Leading a balanced life , with balanced studies, balanced talks, balanced friends , balanced blogs and yes BALANCED "cell balance " !!! But i do miss those smart features ....those friendly interface with my phone.....So two days back when i got to know about this new ALCATEL Tata Docomo Cell .....i got very excited !!! I was looking out for something to buy similar to my earlier phone with exact features....but i guess i got the better one here... :-) !!!  With its rare features like "Trackpad " and "Dive in "services, m expecting for some more excitement in my coming LAST SEM OF MY COLLEGE DAYS..... :-)

At last i thank Tata Docomo for this contest ...which just refreshed myself with the old beautiful memories...and reminded me HOW important smart phone is in one's life....i was totally wrong before but yes A SMARTPHONE DID GOT LOT OF CHANGES IN MY LIFE !!! :-)  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful afternoon with lovely bloggers IN bangalore ... !!! ;-)

   I thought of canceling my plan of  going to indiblogger meet two days before , since my uncle suddenly out of  blue moon called up that morning to inform that he'l be landing in bangalore on sunday afternoon :-( .Meeting him was a compulsion for me and telling him the truth not gonna help i knew . But when " Alwin " called me in afternoon to confirm if i will be able to come in JP Celestial Hotel on sunday for the meet , i started imagining "How exciting and different its gonna be..?? " .Something within me forced to say "yes"...and my next step was to think of a valid reason that i will be presenting before my uncle ......Its very difficult you know because when you say no to your relatives , they start thinking about all the weird unreal situations for a girl studying away from home  !!! So after a lot of thought process , i could finally manage with one .... and also told my friends IN CASE  :-p !!!

  And finally it was the "DAY ".... :-), and as usual i got up at 12...OMG i was already late , i had to iron my clothes , i had to take lunch , after lots of ambiguity and changing my dress thrice , i ended up wearing PINK kurti . Irony is i just hate PINKY PINKY WHAT COLOUR :-/ , but i guess i bought it because i loved the design . So finally i managed to arrive there before time ( first time this would have happened :-p ) , just few people initially but as the clock hit 2o'clock, hall was full of intellectuals of different ages from 14 year to 62 year.The event started and everyone was welcomed cheerfully by Anoop , his jokes filled the air with laughter :-) ! All confused about the "AGENDA", he started with 30 seconds of fame which was meant to introduce oneself in the most interesting way . I was surprised to see such mix and match included not only the IT professionals but writers , international and national awarded personalities , IISC researchers , students , civil defence officer ,special mention to Tax revenue officer , and someone ran off simply to escape from wife's shopping plan  !!! But when it came to enjoyment I must say the usual lazy afternoon was turned up into very exciting and cheerful gathering . Live and comment was the best part , that's when each stranger face turned up into a friendly soul .The tasty samosas ( which u hardly get in bangalore ) and sip of coffee energised everyone to speak more and more and  more........the LCD screen blinking with new comments everytime , the event was getting more interesting every moment !!! HP printers were already won by few for introducing themselves in the heroic way :-p , but oh their were more prizes on the way , Cloud HP printer was also introduced and was bagged by Mohan as the first prize for his picture of " Bull And The Trumpet " . Finally Anoop gave bloggers the chance to speak and Raghav came up with  most optimistic words and his experiences , i just loved to listen him ......U r really great man...more success for u ahead :-) . I also got to know about mobile tweeting and civil defence . Finally it was time to distribute few more prizes for "NO REASONS "..he he....and yipiiiieeeeeeeeeeee i won the HP potable speakers because i wore that weird colour PINK :-p !!! And i realized how true the words of GITA are  " Everythng Happens For A Reason" , even if its PiNk :-p

So on a whole,  for me .....#INDIBLR MEET was the most interesting meet with gracious people around......and in return of a lie to my uncle i managed to get a Tshirt, sheet filled with lovely comments and A potable speaker :-) !!! Ofcourse it was a profitable compromise for me and a lovely day with beautiful memories :-) :-) :-) !

And hey i would like to know how many managed to go back home safely after that 550/- unlimited booze offer at Nevada  , i could not manage to come , i have recently Quit drinking :-p, he he !!!

Keep Blogging :-) 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Childhood Memories..............NOSTALGIC !!!!!!!!

" How Alaadin will find jasmine ..... ? " , " Who's gonna steal uncle scrooge's treasure ....? " , "  What will happen after little memaid's dream ? "....and i was sooooo worried , when finally school bell rang.I headed towards bus , so as to catch the first seat ......finally reached home and without any further delays,switched on the television........ "Jungle Jungle baag chali hai pata chala hai............are chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila haiiii  :-)"  , a smile flashed across my face , i looked behind ....straight outside the door of my drawing room , i could see many destitute children running towards the wall of my house boundary , where they usually sit and watch "MOWGLI" . With them i always enjoyed  " Disney Hour " more.....they shout and chuckle sitting outside and i enjoy their happiness every moment with my favorite characters on TV :-) !!!

This was my usual routine every afternoon after school.........and must say the best routine i ever had :-) !!! The days when the biggest worry was to complete the homework ,most troublesome situation was to drink "milk" daily morning at 6 o'clock before school ( oh god i abhor it ), greatest fear was to get scoldings from teacher , stressful period was one day before the monday test ,  worst was to get signature of parents in case
of filthy marks ........ :-/ and the most difficult was the to manage time for watching cartoons in this busy schedule. Today when i rewind my days and cluster every moment together........i hold a priceless bouquet with fragrance of sweet and charming  memories ;-) !!!

After a long time I'm again enjoying those days....though its no more with the colourful frocks , neither its the relaxed mind ...... canteen junks has replaced the homely taste and office workloads has eaten away the time , its no more about those twinkling nights with a story before sleep , nor the dreams with cindrella on the pumpkin cart , but yes few things are still same..............Its the same ME who still hate milk the most .....( eeeewww....) and still loves to watch "MOWGLI" ( they are as refreshing as forever )....but i do miss my background viewers :-)  !!!

Time Changes everything........Life is about Changes i believe..some are good , some are bad.....but something that u can Save for Lifetime Without regrets is " YOU "............Memories are not only to cherish but to choose the best among them and change them back to "REALITY "... !!! :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reservation for TRANSGENDERS....!!!!

News of the day : " TG reservations in PG course -by BU " !!! First few minutes i struggled searching the meaning but later struggled with my dual mind when i got to know they are talking about  "Transgenders" !!!
How to react ..??? Is it a good news or a bad...???The Bangalore University recently introduced reservation for transgenders in PG courses from 2010-11.They have modified the application form by introducing "TG" column along with Male and Female column for indicating the sex of the candidates. Hmmmm......sounds great and its something new for our education system. Moreover its great to hear that students are optimistic towards this approach by government , even i felt delighted that atleast our government think about someone in this society ....oh god's grace :-) .....lucky are "THEY " !!!

So talking about them,in general , everyone always have this soft corner in their heart when they see them arguing with others for money and we always come up with a line "Oh poor people, why has god punished them this way " , but the moment they turn towards you, its time to RUN MAN....actually this is the general perception. The other day while i was travelling back from my hometown to bangalore , i observed sudden move by all men in and around me towards one direction . Some running towards the other compartment,few getting inside the same toilet , few finding place to hide somewhere.For sometime i could'nt make out the reason until i heard the noises from back and saw them.They turned towards me , (as no male population was left nearby ) , initially i felt scared but when they blessed me ,  i smiled and one among them took out a 10 rupees note + 1 rupee coin and gave in my hand.I have heard from my elders that their every word can change your life....i don't know how true is that but i know that those blessings came direct from the heart.

The worst situation in life is when u have to face the "Helpless Situation" and imagine when someone has made a deal like "U have to suffer if u want to survive ". I believe god has made this deal with transgenders and still they are trying to "SURVIVE " every day of their's instead of "LIVING" it , instead of enjoying it, sacrificed their every thought , ambition and respect just for the sake of simple Survival.Can u imagine a life where people ignore you, pass filthy comments ,no friends , no family , no love,no happiness.........................................................then your existence can only be defined as a blank ..!!! I can never think about their thoughts , i can never feel their pain , i can never be so strong , but atleast i can look at them with a smile and thank them for their selfless blessings :-) !!

Its a great thing that our government has introduced such laws for the first time, its a good start.Now its our responsibility to support and except such sensitives issues with a respect and positive attitude in our society.In my view, country's development means an overall development of our society and its people . For that we should start thinking from the broader aspect in every field . Respect and Honour are the prime adjectives to understand anyone's perception about others , and hence are the vital requirement for improving our thoughts.When a country like India has welcomed Homosex marriages , then excepting transgenders in our education system should'nt be a big deal at all.Every country's economy is counted in terms of its money and literacy level. Encouraging TG people to pursue them for higher studies will surely help people to interact more and know them in a better way.This will surely widen our narrow understanding about certain things which we usually see from a negetive point of view. Then it would be easy for us to count them among the common people without any differences. This will really help them to mix among us and work in a usual routine.And I'm sure that such steps will really help our nation to move forward towards the list of rich country's . A country is rich , only with its people thought and active participation. So this time we must hail our government  for adding up something really new for us.I believe that more of such thoughts should be welcomed and encouraged in coming years and I'm sure everyone agrees with me.

To give happiness to someone is a biggest thing to do.To make someone's life worth living is valuable like nothing in this world .Lets just DO IT :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is all about never ending Imaginations...........!!!!: AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED............... !!!

Life is all about never ending Imaginations...........!!!!: AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED............... !!!

AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED............... !!!

 Sitting under the moonlight....i tried so hard for a drop of tear trickle down my cheeks as the lovely yesteryears i miss....!!! Life's aint easy nor its tough , neither do i regret , neither i could except........sometimes I'm in dilemma ..sometimes in rest.....but never i reached the conclusible fact yet ! I need a more in pain.....I'm no god...neither a saint , but i have learnt the lessons,i will remember forever....!!!  I know what i lack,what i's is complicated with thoughts that are daily born........ today the truth is much bitter, i see........those sanguine days are no more, for free.I wonder about my biased neither let me cry , nor smile , emotions are now shackled with chains , enervate and sometimes insane . How do i tackle , how do i refrain these feelings of mine.....i feel desolated in this selfish crowd .

I remember the days , so beautiful... I created , like a garden who's every flower so flawless , every moment i adored . I think about the thoughts and laughs i shared , the argues always ending up with tears and smiles , the care being showered all around and the trust never betrayed !!! A piece of advice like a bless for me , though i act unheard but every time touched my heart....! The long discussions with no conclusions......i feel were the best way i have utilized my time ,as every moment i learned a new perception of life ! I had the best and few were my "rest" , secured in motherly demeanor , nothing was congest . I was flying so high without any debts , they were my strength.....the reason, i was blessed !!! My zeal was in their prayers , my worries they shared , my silence a trouble , always understood unspoken .......shoulders to lean on , arms to hold me , those whispers comfort me , that was the serenity ........... ! Forgiveness to worship... i was taught , trust is the love... to be respect , kindness is my responsibility.....never to forget , smile keeps away the enemy , so never resist.........these were the boulevard where i survived , every instant these memories i always cherish !!!

And suddenly i feel so cold in the breeze around , the moon looks so giant making me horrified , the darkness still persist on a full moon night , may be world is shrinking.....i had a thought ! The memories down the lane was so beautiful , still why everything changed , i tried my best to hold them , still why they slipped off my hand  ! What did i do.....i ask in the mirror , and daily it shatters without answering my fear ....! I know the past may be forgotten by you, but i still remember .......i still miss those days when we were together . Still I'm waiting for the "RAY OF HOPE " my mother told me about this magical light, she said it obliterate life's darker side . And I am still a child to follow her words........i know changes are always good, but not the one that pains . So don't ask me to forget the past , because its where i met my few and the best , its where i hold your hand , its where i loved you all......its where we shared million hours of beautiful past .....AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED THINKING YOU WILL BE THERE AGAIN , SOMEDAY , TO WIPE THEM OFF..........!!!  :-) :-) :-)

To all my friends and family.....i miss you , i love you and i treasure you all a lot :-) !!! Thanks :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Freedom yet to explore..........!!!

 Every year august is a month of sudden rush of patriotism within our souls.........a new sun rises , a new India is born , and with this a few more inspirational vows and promises are made !!! Ironically, to no wonder this sudden deluge dries up in no time.......this is how our Independence Day is celebrated every year.... !!!

Its a fact that even after 63 years of Freedom we are still confused ...if this is the actual freedom we been waiting all long :-/ .....i really don't know what " Independence " word stands for in real , its just that i had been taught since my childhood that i need to celebrate this day , hoist flag and get into line for sweets  :-) ! Its just that, except independence day i still feel shame to put the indian flag badge on my dress and roam around because otherwise people gaze at me ! And its just that ,i hear these patriotic songs and watch patriotic movies only on this particular day !

Talking about my experience,yesterday (15th august ) only i got up listening to some familiar music being played loud in a school near my place , and after i got into my concious , to my surprise it was "Vande Matram " in kannada , no offence but m simply worried that if we really live in a secular society ???  These days the prime time stories in television and newspapers include only about the sufferings of people in kashmir.....for no reason these innocent lives are being entertained with their family bereavement everyday . Next headlines focusses on the naxalite attacks....its the most shameful curse , our country is still scared of ! Moving to north-eastern states ,they are like some foreign place for us , rarely we bother to even peep that side , but if someone out of interest is planning for a vacation there , i would like to warn that " discretion is the better part of valour " . Since the scenario are so worst between manipur and nagaland , only some miracle can save them ! Aaahh....forgot to discuss about Caste -based Census , a good way for politicians to earn some more money , and we are fool who are taught that our constitution aims at achieving casteless society.So people....This was something about our so called Secular country :-@ !

Next important thing we should talk about is the Free Education bill ....still waiting for the bill to get implemented , with lots of hope that our future can be brighter with less of impoverished society and more of  educated youth ! This i see as the biggest dream @@@ ..... Secondly the inflation hit has become a part and parcel of our life now, India is no more a place for middle-class to live,as poor has learnt the art to survive with hunger and rich are not in the list . But the point is that in mid of this prise rise how can someone manage to let the foodgrains rotten in the warehouses , i read that some ministers daily cross that highway , still how can someone ignore such view specially when you have taken the oath to work for this country and its people. These behaviour are something ridiculuos to even comment on . And at last how can i conclude my talks without women enpowerment....this always secures the first position as my favourite subject to debate . I remember when the bill for women reservation was passed....almost two weeks we kept talking about it , but as its our trend,  lets just end up these talks on papers . So the list goes endless..........corruption , betrayal , illegal activities , politics , rape , poverty  etc etc etc........................thats what we have done for Our India !!!

Now how to end it is a difficult question to even answer . I recently got the opportunity, to read few lines of the speech Mr Jawaharlal Nehru gave, on the occasion our country got freedom ,which i would like to share :

 " The Appointed Day has come -the day appointed by destiny , and India stands forth 'again after long slumber and struggle awake , vital , free and independent. The past clings on to us still insome measure and we have to do much before we redeem the pledges we have so often taken.Yet the turning point Is past , history begins a new, for us, the history which we shall live and act , and others will write about.

It is fateful moment for us in India , for all Asia and for the world. A new star rises , the star of freedom in the east , a new hope comes into being , a vision long cherished materialises. Maythe star never set and that hope never be betrayed.

We rejoice freedom even though clouds surrounds us, and many of our people are sorrow stricken and difficult problems encompass us. But freedom brings responsibilities and burden and we have to face them in the spirit of a free and disciplined people.

The future beckons to us.Whither do we go and what shall be our endeavour ? To bring freedom and opportunity to the common man , to the peasants and workers of India.To fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease . To build up a prosperous , democratic ,and progressive nation , and to create social , economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman.

We have hard work ahead . There is no resting for any one of us till we redeem our pledge in full, till we make all the people of India what destiny intended them to be. We are citizens of a great country , on the verge of bold advance , and we have to live up to that high standards .All of us to whatever religion we may belong are equally the children of India with equal rights , privileges and obligations. We cannot encourage communalism or narrow-mindedness,for no nation can be great whose people are narrow in thought or in action.

To the nations and people of world we send greetings and pledge ourselves to cooperate , with them in furthering peace, freedom and democracy.
And to India, our much -loved motherland , the ancient , the eternal and the ever-new , we pay our reverent homage and we bind ourselves afresh to her service ...............!!! "
So this defines FREEDOM for me ,which is yet to be achieved , and therefore i believe that our Independence Day is yet to come when every soul on this land can smile from heart with no worries in mind . Its a big dream for all of us but that's what Life's is all about - never ending imaginations......for ourselves, our country and our countrymen !!!   

:-) Wake up with a promise everyday :-) !!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Wine,The Dine and.............!!!

  I was exhausted to the core , my head was getting hammered continuosly , the lights becoming dim around , i went to wash room......splashed water on eyes and face . I tried to relax myself , still those words are hovering in my ears , how can Vivek say that , m i dreaming...@$%^, but the truth is that all dreams are shattered now , reality was never so bitter , how can things go so wrong .......oh god i can't stress myself MOOOORE..... can't i just rewind this moment , can't my world be beautiful as its been always , can't we be together again as yesterday and  day before day and so on.....can't i........OH MAN...i wanna get out my ambiguous mind first of all i guess.....!!! But again what to do......??? I gazed my computer screen for a second , than logged into yahoo chat room ...... i have never done this weird thing of talking to strangers ever but suddenly i want do this now.....

I popped into the room "fun" with my name as feather (God knows why i choose this name...i dont care )......
Lots of boxes started to appear on my screen...

ILSHNd : "hi r you ? "
Cruzo  : "hey sexo "!                                                                                                                               shank : " helloz "

Why the hell guys can't talk to girl with some decency....why they want to show their potential of using such words on public sites...or is it like only for frustrated guys ....possibility is thr,even im frustrated though for other reasons....GOD TAKE HELL OUT OF ME...i dont even know why m here...  :-/ !!

shank : " hey r u thr..? " (seemz i can talk to "it" )
feather : ( this name is so irritating...eeewww ) hi "
shank : " oh good god, i thought u wont reply "
feather : " do u knw me  ? "
shank : " i guess thats y v r here ,to knw ech other.. :-) "
feather : " i dnt knw "
shank : " so may i know ur ASL plz..? "
feather : " no m nt intrstd in tellin.. "
shank : " cool dwn..r u fine... ? "
feather : "no m not....u have a problem wth that ( how can i b so rude now ...uff ) "
shank : " nah ! bt i think u have a one...its absltly fine ,btw m shankar,48 , male :-) "
feather : " thnx a lot fr telling..."
shank : " okie i guess i should leave now , tk cr of urslf  :-)"

Hell man ..someone's trying to be sweet with me and how can i be so impolite....!!

feather : " hey m so sorii.....jst forgive me fr the behviour"
shank : "Hey not at all..its absolutely happens "
feather : " i think so...nwz m shalini,25, fem "
shank : " oh i got ur behviour... :-) "
feather :" m really very sori.... :-( "  ( oh i finally managed with the smiley...though curved othr side )
shank :" Nwz i hv to leave nw.....i think sumone's at the door "
feather : "oh sure...i wasted enough of ur time "
shank : " oh abs not....i gotta go now..btw if u wanna cntact me ..u can call me at 9986754345"
feather : "thnx a lot...bye "( i saved the number )
shank : "bye..hope to c u sumday  :-).tk care "

And the box  the meantime lot many other frustrated people did banged on my screen showing up there potentials of varying level...i decided to go for sleep.....though i know i will be sleeping with my eyes open wide...still i think its better to take rest before i can think of something more weird !!!

I slide inside my blanket , thinking about my good memories with Vivek and i fell asleep in sometime........!!!
"Shaluuu... BANG BANG BANG....why the hell u not opening the door" my friend shouted.....when i unlocked the door she was shocked looking at my swollened eyes.I told her about the last night break up scene i had with Vivek and as my best friend she poured the words of sympathy and "I M THERE FOR YOU " sentence ...just for me ,but nothing's gonna work out i know ! My afternoon was about to get over was almost 4'oclock and i did nothing from morning.....i wanted to talk with someone ( i dont know why this urge was disturbing me again and again...may be my lonliness ) , suddenly it reminded me about the man i had chat last night , i picked phone to call him.....SUDDENLY my mind signaled me about this strange behaviour of mine... "Does talking to someone unknown is right"....but i was too annoyed to think about all these...i just pressed the green button....!!! Phone was was my heart...why m i doing ...and before i could think of nything else ,a heavy manly voice pop off  : "Hello...shankar here , I kept quite for a second and replied " Hey I'm shalini....we talked on yahoo yesterday (how can someone talk fool :-@ )"..."oh yesssss i how come u called are you " a very gratifying voice that attracted me , "nothing just AIWAI and to say u sori again (ooh what was that word ) ".....AND THE CONVERSATION STARTED.......................he seemed to be a very nice man ( every man seems so at first ) so we ended up deciding to meet each other... :-).

I was feeling very apprehensive....but in the first meet itself , i got to know that he's a professional artist and a widower since 10 years with no child , even i shared lot of talks with him....i explained him the reason for that behaviour,and this sort of meetings continued between us for next few months....meantime i started considering him as my mentor who use to give me the mental stability whenever i feel negetive, i was free to discuss on any issues....his presence always made me feel secured and relaxed as an elder bless , i respected him a lot !

One day he invited me for his ART exhibition in the Time Art Gallery, that evening was a big success for him with all beau monde of the town, i had never been to party like this before....they talk about,politics,social issues, fashion,wine,and was really impressive one......The Beau People ,The Fine Dine , The Wine...........every part of that evening was getting into my nerves.......and i just imbibed ONE ,TWO,THREE ..................TEN glasses of wine !!! Oh my was almost 12 now and i couldn't even stand...shankar offered me the lift and i was left with no other option ! Within next 20 minutes i was standing in front of my flat's door.......he helped me till my bedroom......i just fell on my bed , next moment i realised someone glaring at me was SHANKAR, i never observed those brown eyes like this was full of desire ,urge and a need to be loved by someone truly.....he came closer to me , i did'nt know how to react , i could smell the fragrance of his perfume now, his eyes were so deep and expressive.........his palm touched my cheeks and i could feel those lines of his harsh life and then evrything went dark for me !!!

Next morning i got up with severe headache like pins poking my brain from inside , and before i could come to my senses i realized myself drapped in JUST the silky white blanket that smells those lily fragrance i use in my cupboard , i was totally lost by that time , i can't remember anything about the last night , i looked around and found no one.....and it took me seconds to figure out the mistake i have done ! I was drowning in the sea of guilt , i was never so embarrased before , i wanted to shout loud and cry like hell.......but all i was , with the feeling of NUMB  !!!

Suddenly i heard the footsteps walking towards me , and saw a man figure approaching me......i searched for my spects and next i saw VIVEK smiling at me. I just bursted out with tears overflowing , he came closer to me ,worried about this unexpected reaction of mine , i hugged him tightly , it was difficult for me to even look at him....what will i tell him, how to explain , how to react when he's back to me but now....all questions were clashing and making me scared of the consequence i was about to face the next moment.......and he spoke
" Hey my dear...m sori for the way i behaved with you ,  but all this period i just missed you more everyday , i know its very difficult for you to forgive me , but yesterday night i realized , how big is your heart that after all my ignorance you still excepted me with all your love ,without a drop of complaint....i promise i will never leave u again " and he kissed my forehead.............!!! .................... A blank silence surrounded me , and a thought about that man who was there till emotions left me all off sudden , my mind stopped responding , i had no queries left except one : " What is love all about ...???  Is it the way i Do, Is it the way vivek proved me Today or is it the way that selfless man left me Yesterday with all respect............!!!

Hey friends this is the first story i have written.......i hope u liked my effort  !!! :-)

Raisa Nair :-) ..........!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do all relationship comes with the past........... ??? soch lo !!!

 HMMMMMMMMMMMM...............socha socha bahut socha........... :-/ ,but relationships are always....eeeeewwww  !!! Sometimes i update "love is in the air"......sometimes i write " m sick of this ".....sometimes it is.." i know it happens "....but at the end lets just do it permanently dude....Relationship Status : " Its complicated " thats my recent facebook update and m sure its not just me !!! :-)

Now the question is why ....??? No no no...dont even dare waste your time to answer this.......coz its like " Does the hen came first or the egg " willl b travelling in a circle and you will just end up where you have started....because a relation has a Past...and a Future....but no Present...  :-/ !

So the story starts......I love a guy ....i can die for him ( i claim so ) and even he can do anything for me ( why cant he claim when i can )  ! He's just a perfect one for i ever imagined , for whom i waited all this 20 years........ :-)..........he's intelligent,he's smart,he listens me,he cares for me, and of all he brings smile to my face 24*7.....and my world just starts revolving around him the very instant.....Oh god thanx a lot.... :-) ! Everyone says "u r lucky girl ".....i blush.... :-) , i close my eyes, my happiness trickled down as tear. I tell my friends how generous he is.....i bet them to get a person who can pinpoint a single fault in him.....i try to make other couples envy seeing us ( it feels good u know :-p ) .......oh and my facebook update is " Love is in the airrrrrrrrrrr :-) :-) :-) ( i guess this many smilies are enough ) "....Love is so magical...its actually filmy,and i never imagined i can fall for someone ....but yes you are the one and you did it :-) !!!
So the next step i thought about was to make it official .....let me change my update to something more catchy :-p......and i turned on the laptop......entered my password , logged into facebook......annnnddddddd............... i cried and cried and cried ! Oh m sori actually i suffered a trauma that instant.......lets just rewind it back.....i saw a photo update on his fb album ( cant evn use word "bf " for him anymore )...." my love " was the heart beat increased...oh did he officialised it before me.....awwwwwww he's so sweet.....and when it displayed i just felt like cracking his head with a vase if its was his ex's girlfriend and a cropped photo of him on which he spend so much of time and just uploaded to make it  OFFICIAL i guess @#$%^&* !!!

I had no words to speak...nothing to claim now,nothing to listen,nothing to feel....i wanted to be alone ,i cant understand why he did lets just call up and ask......
Me : "hello..........................."
He  : " Yes are you my love "
Me : " What  *hit u have done in facebook "
He : " What dear "...( How can he be so fake all off sudden )
Me : " As if u dont know.....please do not waste my time,neither act ...b clear "
He : " Clear about what "
Me :  "That do you love me..."
He : " Ofcourse i do as always......why you asking such questions "
Me : " Because theres a pic with a tittle MY LOVE....and to my surprise its not me "
And he laughed ( I m confused )...
He : " Thats just a timepass my dear .....for fun friends did that and i uploaded just to grab more comments.....ha ha ha ...dont take it seriously "

And i wanted to believe him,i wanted to believe his lies.....but that day i realised ...m a human with no extraordinary qualities,just with a  simple heart that wanna believe in everything that makes me feel happy and give me the feeling of victory and delightment ...however somwhere i do posses a foolishness of trusting someone blindly and dreaming of a world that can never exist in real.........A FAIRY TALE :-) !!! And that day i met my foolishness....i really thank him for that very moment ( rest i have forgotten ) coz i got back the girl i been always , love had changed me but now m back !!! So today... even I'm with a PAST....but its has made me much more stronger ....and i know with this i can have a beautiful FUTURE ahead......because for me again : " LOVE IS IN THE AIR "......... :-)  :-) :-)!!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The girl next door......unseen !!!

    There i saw you ,
    sitting on the wall ,
    that seperates the mansion ,
    from the debris around ....

    You smiled so eloquently ,
    while chatting with your friend ,
    those eyes so glittering ,
    inspite of the dullness of cloud...

   That face so sagacious and radiant ,
    but layered with greyish sufferings ,
    still hope for the dreams ,
    so unreal in her existing bounds....

  The skeleton so virile ,
   that has withered yet unblossom ,
   though spreads fragrance of freshness ,
   like a rose kept in the book i found.....
  And there i saw the happiest life on earth ,
  searching to satisfy her hunger ,
  calming her friend who's barking aloud ,
  but still no blames in this filthy crowd.......!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

And i love this MAN..... :-) !!!!

I entered home fully exhausted after a full one day journey ....and he was sitting there waiting for me with a smile.....i gave a big hug and kissed him !!! Oh now i feel m happy , we chat till late night and then when i reachd my bed , i thought about all the old times some which i treasure...some which i hate and some where i coud'nt be part of..... with you !!

Life's always been mysterious for me.......always unpredictable and full of surprises....sometimes good ,sometimes bad ,but he's the one who always inspired me to go on without looking back...!!! He's cool...he's smart....he's intelligent , he's responsible, bit egoistic also :-/ ......but full of liveliness...M amazed to see you so energetic 24*7 , and what i love about you is your "nothing is impossible " attitude  ! I know there's a big story behind all these....that includes lot of experience,observations and compromises...but you did well everytime .

I have seen those eyes filled with water but they never trickled down in front of me, i remember those lines on forehead but cleverly hidden with a smile,i know u stayed awake whole night with those fake snores ,  i know you lied to me on phone saying everythings going awsome though it was your worst period , i know you are alone but still say "I'm fine"... :-) !!! And that's why when m in trouble...i think of you !!!! You taught me to make the best out of worst , you taught me how to laugh when i want to cry , you taught me never to say " I cant " taught me to face the world taught me to love the enemies !!! But hey i never said few line to you ever........m sorry for those parts where i coudnt be with you , i cherish every moment i have spend with you , il remember everything i learnt from you and i promise to make you say that "Daughter m proud of you "......!!! I LOVE U DAD.....and I WANNA BE  LIKE YOU :-)........@@@ !!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OH my God......M loving itttt .!!!!!!!!

      What is the most beautiful feeling in this world....???  Some may say Love....some may say  Nature , for some it may be success......but for me its  just "SLEEP" , "SLEEP " and "SLEEP " !!! Oh god its like i have reached heaven......after the whole day hectic schedule and the tiredness when i see my bed.....i just love this feeling....!!!! I  wanna leave everything.....and run over my bed.....hold my pillow and slide inside the blanket ....oooooooooh and m in my dreamland....where i can do whatever i my way...thts my favorite  !!!
When i sleep i forget the undone targets future... at that instant m in my lost conciousness , i can listen my heartbeat.....i can sense the blood flowing my nerves.....and thats "ME " with whom i'm that moment ....!!!

Sleep is something undefined.....and as a student its the best part in my life ! After whole night study before exams,its like i been through the dangerous torture for long time .....and then i m presented with a special kit to relax myself and enjoy the most beautiful feeling ! That's the similar case with all working class also i guess......weekends are no more to enjoy and go for outing...rather its to "SLEEP" and keep lazing around .
Our mind works the best way when we sleep, taking us through all thoughts and THEN V DREAMMMMM .... :-) !!!!  No doubt someone defined it as a "BEAUTY SLEEP " ....more u sleep more beautiful you'l be....coz its that period of one's life when you think about the best part one always want in life..... so the irony sentence is- " guys keep sleeping to earn more success :-p ........." !

Oh my god......m just loving it than nything in this world....and i'm sure there are many in my que ... :-) !!!!
CHEERS ... :-) !!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Less Of INDIA...More Of US !!!!

" India is a republic country " : this is the first statement we learn as a citizen of India . Now before we continue , take a break and just define "REPUBLIC" in your words......are you actually able to ...... i guess hardly few and we claim ourselves INDIAN ......strange !!! That's the story of our coutry and 'we'- the citizen of this nation .

I know its shameless......but still we are ready to continue with this shame as we claim ourselves too busy in life ! I agree that modernisation has left us with hectic schedule,but how can we implement these changes in India unless we know our country well . Recently India went through so many developing projects like the nuclear deal , Indian oil trio contract with venezuala , successful launch of Agni.....these are something we should be proud of  and proves that soon we'l be in the list of developed countries ..... but still the poignant question is when when and when...???  The answer lies on the other part of our country.....where still the law for compulsory education though initiated but not yet enacted strictly,where 33% reservations has been ensured for women in parliment but story is different as you step out of the parlimentary house , where still the statistics of suicidal cases of farmers is unknown and being hidden intensionally eventhough its increasing day by day........@@@ This is not the present scenario of India but its been passed on from generations and still continuing because we are still not shameless for our attitude towards our mother country ! We strongly believe in Blame Game , corruption is our requirement , gender biasing is in our culture , selfishness is in attitude and we are the "BUSIEST" person on earth !!! So we have these qualities as default character which needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible !

From all this I'm not trying to be patriotic but its just that i realized faults in me today , and instead of blaming the society , the politicians and administration , i think its better to work upon myself  . India is a beautiful country with beautiful people and in a run of chasing our dreams we have forgotten about our behaviour , kindness and most important our responsiblities towards this society and country . I guess its never too late to do something and this is the right time to follow the step towards prosperity of  India in a better and efficient manner .So lets start from this small effort of taking out some time and surfing the site , i'm sure you learn a lot as i did and that's what inspired me to encourage you all !!!

Thanx to all  :-) !!

Monday, May 10, 2010

HOLD ON..................

Hey hold on !
Life's too long !
Don't be in hurry !
Don't forget the song !

I know you want to fly !
But for that , don't cry !
Live the moment , enjoy the life !
Feel the beauty , get mesmerize !

There's a dream , amid the sky !
Whenever you sleep , grow more high !
And these dreams you can't buy !
Can get them only when u try !

So here's the whole world waiting for you !
Eyes wide open to watch your show !
B'coz life's too long !
You just need to hold on........... !!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be@utifUl Lone$omE !!!!

Walking across the road ALONE i reached somewhere,i wonder where ...???? And as i looked around i was mesmerized by the beauty i been missing all along . One moment early i was upset,now i feel great and joyful in my lonesome too. Oh god wonder u created this !!! Now i have life around me to make me feel better,i observed the nature deeply,i felt the love and happiness the best way when m "ALONE" because now its just about me and my thoughts !

Lonesome can b so beautiful i never knew before,i never enjoyed it ! Why i been crying all this time quoting myself the ' lonely man on the island ' when i always had so many things in and beyond my boulevard !! Oh i been really missing something i realized :-0 !

For me music was never so melodious , i can smell the best fragrance ever : made out of the flowers ,the O2 respirated out by leaves ( who said oxygen is odourless ) , air that touched the lake and i can now taste this fragrance - Its Amazingggggg !!!!!!!! I can listen the trees rubbing out their leaves,the birds slicing out the air and flying high ,breeze whispering in my ears ! My eyes can see them all , feel them all and yes i'm lucky :-) !

And i wonder why we feel being lonely is worst part in someone's life when we have this loyal forever happiness around us every moment .So just one advice - Take a break for yourself , go for a stroll alone and meet this "BE@UTIFUL LONE$OME " who's been lving inside u unmet so long:-) !!!

cheer's !!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

" W T F "- Y is it so popular ..???

I never heard of this word before....rather never paid attention i must say , But actually observed after i came to Bangalore.Initially i wondered why its so usual for people out here.Later i discovered its a part of their lifestyle ,infact for them its not a slang but just a blank in mid of those fingers ,people enjoy using with every word !!!!

Do you think you are cool ...??? Do you wanna b centre of attraction... ??? Do u wanna prove yourself right and others wrong....??? Hey then start using this word as soon as possible,that will surely give u a different identity.BUT WHAT KIND OF IDENTITY.......depends whether u are among bunch of fools or some decent crowd....!!! Secondly its the most versatile word u can ever use........attach it with any emotion of your's and feel the difference :-p . For example,
Angry : **** U , il slap :- 0 !!!
Shocked : **** man , it was amazing :-@ !!!
Upset : **** i m lost :-( !!!
and the list goes there everywhere @@$$$ && ...!!!!
Finally the most important, our best buddy ever -'television'.As rodies is less about how well you can perform the task and more about how well you can make your voice go BEEP BEEP BEEP>>>>!!!

Hence the conclusion is ...with so many choices ,how can you deny its importance.Well then i guess its high time for me also to start using it,but doesn't my blog will sound bit audacious for the readers then.....hmmmmm.... Nyways no offence ,no debates,i can express myself better this way only...i guess ! For the rest ,this was just my way to focus bit light over its increasing popularity and make them aware of their new building indentity in society its all for a social cause :-p !!!

ENJOY ... !!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DESIRE.......have u tasted yet ...????

"Teach me mam ,Teach me.......plzzz" a young boy stdying in 10th class requested me as i entered the Organisation for street children that day,as if he'l miss the most precious opportunity of his life.

The moment we are born,with us the strongest emotion "DESIRE" also takes birth.It live with us,grow with us and become stronger day by day.......the urge whenevr we wish for something ,that encourages us to try hard and grab our Aims and goals...!!! So is that enough to describe the word "DESIRE"....??? Yesss thats what it means to us,to most of the people out here actually and even i'm included in that.......but i must tell, lets come out of our beautifoooooool world for a minute , and instead of feeling this desire inside yourself,try to SEE it around u. It may amze u how can u see the "emotion" can u touch the " feeling "...but i experienced it all...i felt..i saw..i touched - The Desire !!!

This word has got lots of meaning but less it say if u search among common people as its a bizzare with rare kind of person,whose actually passionate for something .It doesnt include our crave for ambitions,our wish for good luck,our madness for love.....rather it includes the hard work to hold our Desires even if its for a moment !!!! I met this boy i mentioned in my first lines, who was filled with knowledge,plans,goals,talent,interests,anxiety,eagerness...full of livliness and uniqueness.....hardly to be seen......and what makes him different was tht he was orphan with no source to achieve his desires....still he is happy and confident.I felt contented listening him , learnt so many things that instant , something different...some truth i never cared about. :-)

I thank to him and feel lucky . M NOW DESIROUS- A feeling i should term it myself beco'z its nowhere in the dictionary....its just in my senses !!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ITS ALL ABOUT U :-) !!!!

Here goes my special one.............. :-) !!!

Sitting alone , thnking of you , m amazed ,
How were the things in past we faced,
You were always a question , making me confusing,
But now you are my answers , you are amusing ;

Is it my hallucination ,
Or is it the deed of my life's creation ,
Coz life's never been so beautiful before ,
I just feel every moment to adore u more ;

M enlightened with every drop of "YOU" ,
It sparkles me like sunshine falling on dew ,
You took me along the breeze of happiness ,
Where i danced in the rain with craziness ,
So I'm all lost in this moment of You and Me like never ,
And just wanna hold this relation of "US" the same forever and ever ...... !!!! :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Indian History : The past forgotten in present

As i was reading the newspaper few days back, i came through an article regarding Indian history, our culture,our customs,our religion....and that fascinated me to the extent that i statred to google more about India. I went back to the era of rulers and then the britishers and finally the independent india being ruled by corrupt politicians. But the conclusion of my search was not that i got to know lot about INDIA,rather lot is still unknown to me !!!

The subject history becomes history after school....and in school days for most it always ranked first as a subject of boredom. I still remember the chapters like "revolts of 1857","mughal dynasty"....and the pain i took in remembering those so called "IMP DATES" !!!! But as a matter of fact today i realised the importance of this painful history in our lives ,its a shame for us that being the citizen of this great country..hardly nyone of us remember its history ,the great rulers and the activist whose contribution only made INDIA great . I may sound very patriotic to u at present but actually m quite impressed and feel proud after finding something about my culture and my country,so the similar i want each and evryone to feel out here.Beco'z i believe its not just about INDIA,infact its more about knowing urself. And to live in the present and future the "PAST" should never be forgotten !!!