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Sunday, June 20, 2010

And i love this MAN..... :-) !!!!

I entered home fully exhausted after a full one day journey ....and he was sitting there waiting for me with a smile.....i gave a big hug and kissed him !!! Oh now i feel m happy , we chat till late night and then when i reachd my bed , i thought about all the old times some which i treasure...some which i hate and some where i coud'nt be part of..... with you !!

Life's always been mysterious for me.......always unpredictable and full of surprises....sometimes good ,sometimes bad ,but he's the one who always inspired me to go on without looking back...!!! He's cool...he's smart....he's intelligent , he's responsible, bit egoistic also :-/ ......but full of liveliness...M amazed to see you so energetic 24*7 , and what i love about you is your "nothing is impossible " attitude  ! I know there's a big story behind all these....that includes lot of experience,observations and compromises...but you did well everytime .

I have seen those eyes filled with water but they never trickled down in front of me, i remember those lines on forehead but cleverly hidden with a smile,i know u stayed awake whole night with those fake snores ,  i know you lied to me on phone saying everythings going awsome though it was your worst period , i know you are alone but still say "I'm fine"... :-) !!! And that's why when m in trouble...i think of you !!!! You taught me to make the best out of worst , you taught me how to laugh when i want to cry , you taught me never to say " I cant " taught me to face the world taught me to love the enemies !!! But hey i never said few line to you ever........m sorry for those parts where i coudnt be with you , i cherish every moment i have spend with you , il remember everything i learnt from you and i promise to make you say that "Daughter m proud of you "......!!! I LOVE U DAD.....and I WANNA BE  LIKE YOU :-)........@@@ !!!


  1. It is Lovable... so u love it..!!
    even I..!!

  2. Nice right up,,, Keep it up,,, I thoroughly liked it,, a real candid expression,, :-)

  3. @chash : thnx sir.....smwhere i learn xpressing things better way from u nly :-) !!!
    @abhi: thnks yaar..!!

  4. really nice...completly describes uncle...:)

  5. @zohra : thnku dear :-) !!!