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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Less Of INDIA...More Of US !!!!

" India is a republic country " : this is the first statement we learn as a citizen of India . Now before we continue , take a break and just define "REPUBLIC" in your words......are you actually able to ...... i guess hardly few and we claim ourselves INDIAN ......strange !!! That's the story of our coutry and 'we'- the citizen of this nation .

I know its shameless......but still we are ready to continue with this shame as we claim ourselves too busy in life ! I agree that modernisation has left us with hectic schedule,but how can we implement these changes in India unless we know our country well . Recently India went through so many developing projects like the nuclear deal , Indian oil trio contract with venezuala , successful launch of Agni.....these are something we should be proud of  and proves that soon we'l be in the list of developed countries ..... but still the poignant question is when when and when...???  The answer lies on the other part of our country.....where still the law for compulsory education though initiated but not yet enacted strictly,where 33% reservations has been ensured for women in parliment but story is different as you step out of the parlimentary house , where still the statistics of suicidal cases of farmers is unknown and being hidden intensionally eventhough its increasing day by day........@@@ This is not the present scenario of India but its been passed on from generations and still continuing because we are still not shameless for our attitude towards our mother country ! We strongly believe in Blame Game , corruption is our requirement , gender biasing is in our culture , selfishness is in attitude and we are the "BUSIEST" person on earth !!! So we have these qualities as default character which needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible !

From all this I'm not trying to be patriotic but its just that i realized faults in me today , and instead of blaming the society , the politicians and administration , i think its better to work upon myself  . India is a beautiful country with beautiful people and in a run of chasing our dreams we have forgotten about our behaviour , kindness and most important our responsiblities towards this society and country . I guess its never too late to do something and this is the right time to follow the step towards prosperity of  India in a better and efficient manner .So lets start from this small effort of taking out some time and surfing the site , i'm sure you learn a lot as i did and that's what inspired me to encourage you all !!!

Thanx to all  :-) !!

Monday, May 10, 2010

HOLD ON..................

Hey hold on !
Life's too long !
Don't be in hurry !
Don't forget the song !

I know you want to fly !
But for that , don't cry !
Live the moment , enjoy the life !
Feel the beauty , get mesmerize !

There's a dream , amid the sky !
Whenever you sleep , grow more high !
And these dreams you can't buy !
Can get them only when u try !

So here's the whole world waiting for you !
Eyes wide open to watch your show !
B'coz life's too long !
You just need to hold on........... !!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be@utifUl Lone$omE !!!!

Walking across the road ALONE i reached somewhere,i wonder where ...???? And as i looked around i was mesmerized by the beauty i been missing all along . One moment early i was upset,now i feel great and joyful in my lonesome too. Oh god wonder u created this !!! Now i have life around me to make me feel better,i observed the nature deeply,i felt the love and happiness the best way when m "ALONE" because now its just about me and my thoughts !

Lonesome can b so beautiful i never knew before,i never enjoyed it ! Why i been crying all this time quoting myself the ' lonely man on the island ' when i always had so many things in and beyond my boulevard !! Oh i been really missing something i realized :-0 !

For me music was never so melodious , i can smell the best fragrance ever : made out of the flowers ,the O2 respirated out by leaves ( who said oxygen is odourless ) , air that touched the lake and i can now taste this fragrance - Its Amazingggggg !!!!!!!! I can listen the trees rubbing out their leaves,the birds slicing out the air and flying high ,breeze whispering in my ears ! My eyes can see them all , feel them all and yes i'm lucky :-) !

And i wonder why we feel being lonely is worst part in someone's life when we have this loyal forever happiness around us every moment .So just one advice - Take a break for yourself , go for a stroll alone and meet this "BE@UTIFUL LONE$OME " who's been lving inside u unmet so long:-) !!!

cheer's !!!!