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Friday, July 1, 2016

How short lived is your happiness?

Happiness can be ‘that’ song or ‘that’ face, or that beautiful place I explored fortunately, or simply getting back to a long forgotten hobby, or talking to an old friend from kindergarten or may be just going through the pages of good-bad memories of your past.
I heard you were very happy and excited about your new relationship a week back, I remember you were happy about your new job a month back, I remember you were happy about your new found love for paintings a year back. But where is it gone now? You see yourself no more comfortable with that person you thought is your soulmate? You don’t feel excited about your job and work culture suddenly? You don’t get mentally healed by painting canvases anymore?
But somewhere you are still confused about your changed feelings — not sure why these things doesn’t make you happy anymore! May be it’s temporary and tomorrow morning everything will feel the same, how it was a year back and you will feel like it was just yesterday when these new changes brought long lost happiness in your life again. Are you over-thinking? May be.
Now you are tired, you don’t want to invest anymore time giving thoughts about things that could have happen if you would have chosen ‘the other’ in your life, you don’t want to think if this is what is called ‘opportunity missed for lifetime’, because all you see around is darkness, wrong choices made, agitated emotions and questions asked with no answers left.
So how short lived is your happiness? Just another smile away or may be just a distant from ‘that’ song.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Still a Question !

Love is a rhythm unknown and unexplored within me
Sometimes its mine and sometimes its yours...
Love has different faces....
Sometimes its a beautiful pain, I like to live in....
Sometimes Its an unexpected hatred born, I enjoy 
Its what we choose to see it as.....
Either die with the love, or Live with the memories connected....
Sometimes its unreasonable and unconditional
Sometimes with the selfish reasons, I give birth to....
And then , its not just the mind I play with but with my heart and my soul....
And decide to stay in it for life long....
With a hope to know more about the darkest me....and also the darkest you....
Because if loving me would have been that easy......I rather choose to be a narcissist...
But that's when I realized my love is associated with your darkness....
And this thought completes me......The thought to be in a selfless selfish love forever. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is all about never ending Imaginations...........!!!!: A Journey of a Beautiful Relationship !

Life is all about never ending Imaginations...........!!!!: A Journey of a Beautiful Relationship !: A journey of a beautiful relationship ! On the way we meet so many people in life, few go unnoticed , few stay as a stranger , few as acq...

A Journey of a Beautiful Relationship !

A journey of a beautiful relationship !

On the way we meet so many people in life, few go unnoticed , few stay as a stranger , few as acquaintance , few leave an imprint in mind, few preserved as a beautiful memory and few just stay with you throughout the chapters of life. Thats not a book of an individual but a lovely book of two lives together. And what makes this book so interesting is the uncertainty of tomorrow, surprises and curiosity of their togetherness, the weirdness of their relation, the bond of love, fights and confusions, doubts about their individuality and independence, mystery of what they can share in future and what not, weaknesses and  strengths of their bond, clarity of emotions and feelings, trust, honesty and all the randomness of thoughts. It really looks so complex but when u see it all together as ONE, u see a journey of beautiful relationship :).

The moments that can never be enjoyed alone, the stability achieved inspite of all ambiguity and a bond created beyond expectations. We all live in a fantasy world but this world is full of fantasies created just by the thoughts of two minds, which becomes reality after a certain time. Reality that u know ul cherish forever, because its not a dream anymore. Its when u realise the beauty of two, and no more a hermit. When u are ready to sacrifice your ego to built a ladder of trust that goes infinite towards the sky and u hold a hand to walk without fear till the zenith. And on the way, again u see lot of new faces, white and black , ugly and beautiful, creative and uninspired, thoughtful and heedless, and u wander again, lost in the charm and mystery of attractive life. You are again lost in the crowd, running to catch the fireflies, they shine so bright in night, u are again a clueless child. Suddenly u feel the pull, u stop by and look beside, you see those tired eyes still filled with the same zeal, a dull smile with the same curve, a face with folded skin but still so bright, shocked and guilty you just wonder whats been missing throughout........I will tell....., its YOU ! Because you just forgot its not a complicated book of an individual but a simple journey of a beautiful relationship. :)

Sometimes there are no expectations or hopes but just a feeling that stays with one forever but can never be explained or understood. A feeling that will always be a reason for one's smile........and recently for me its YOU :).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dream Camp by Make a Difference

'I m overwhelmed with joy and happiness' such a simple statement but expresses emotions so perfect ,this is how I feel .The mind captured by smiles and chuckles of so many innocent lives , eyes gazing at me with so many hopes , and  100s of dreams . The noise that sounds so melodious , as they sing the songs of  future, the mischiefs that never made me angry rather took me back to my childhood, their curiosity for every question put me in deeper thoughts....Are You Serious !!! And this was all the start of Boys Dream Camp 2013 by Make à Difference....!

Being from events team for MAD,I never had a chance to meet kids before, and I knew this would be one of my best chance to interact with these amazing kids . I had always heard about dream camp happenings in other cities , and for MAD Bangalore this was our first camp. Camp was planned for weekends but the excitement among the mad fellows and teachers was since 3 months and finally the DAY.There was not even a wrinkle of tiredness on any of our faces even after working sleepless for so many nights planning and preparing for the day ,but rather our faces were glowing with excitement , curiosity , impatience and anxiety.It was a wait to fulfil dreams of 108 underprivileged kids for whom each and every member of MAD had put in their best.
Finally there was hullabaloo all around , managing 108 kids wouldn't be an easy task we knew , and specially when it's all boyzzzzzzzz was going to be a tough row to hoe....wooooooh ! But I guess that's why we are named ' MAD ' which consists of bunch of crazy youth who believe in there efforts to bring any change they dream about.Finally the camp was all set with various sessions organised for kids where they were not only going to enjoy but also learn about many practical aspects to follow and value throughout life.The day started with prayers, jogging, pool sessions , football  followed by breakfast and refreshments.And then many more interesting events where they danced, discussed about real life situations , learned about facts , build arcade games with cardboard boxes and thermocole sheets , investigated a murder scene and became Sherlock Holmes for the day....isn't that great ,also  learnt about traffic signals and first aid .....and so many thing's that I don't even have count of them now.Wwowwwww ,it was really superb enjoying every moment with these amazing boys....... and ohhhh yeahhhh I forgot ,they even posed for thousands of pictures, memories for lifetime :) .
And after two days I just wondered how the time passed away.I don't know what I  exactly did those days but yeah I remember that I was named akka , I was taught how to blow whistle which apparently I still can't  :p , how to keep hope for the best even after loosing everything , how to smile for every small things , how to be selfless, how to respond for every little shower of love and how to stay beside your friends at every step of your short I learnt better ways of enjoying life with just few smiles and with best people around you.

I saw dreams in every eyes there but it was different then what I had seen in my childhood.....coz these eyes had those will power to make it real , it had the imagination beyond par . It wasn't a trip for 108 under privileged kids but for those odd bright children who dream every moment and taught me so many things which will remain etched in my heart and mind forever. Ànd for every dream these kids's not one dream but dreams of many as every individual of Make a Difference ensure to make it reality for them.Cheers to the beautiful memories and awesome kids who made this dream camp come true.And ofcourse....cheers to every crazy fellow who makes "Make a Difference " !!!

Life is short, what is important is how you make it worth and best for yourself .

Dream Camp memories :
Smiles :)

For more information check :

Cheers :) ♥♥♥ :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's more BEAUTIFUL !!!

 Mind has to always fight with such ambiguity , but at the end it leaves a beautiful smile on face.

Why can't I let it go ......what is more alluring , when the darkness and silence hold each other's hand every night.It creates the envelop which is so mysterious , so hypnotizing and so charismatic.Every night I fall for it, giving birth to a new born thought, so sensitive and desirable.The thoughts so deep , the silence so mellow , the darkness so malignant and I surrender myself.

The questions still prevails and I ask again..... what is more fascinating , when the sound of water splashing and foaming ,hits the shore.The roar so loud yet so musical , grabs the coarse sand and  sweeps over my feet, feels so soft.The huge ocean tempts the mind , the sparkling water far off soothes the sight , relieves the pain and sorrow .And I walk towards the horizon without fear , when the huge tides forbid the further steps ahead , and I smile at my salacity as the water splashes on my face .

And as I sat down the corner and lie on the bed of sand, the mind is startled by the view.......what is more magnificent , when the million of sparkling stars wrap me like a blanket, spread across the sky , which has no limits and stay so quiet. I search for the face in this crowd....assuming the brightest is the one I miss in my life.But I loose the count , the illusion is so strong , and I realizes I can't win over it

I thought I got my answer this time .......when the mighty red glowing half moon chases the high tides in ocean.I wish to hold it in my hand , feel the power and the beauty , how it feels to be the only one and rule the kingdom of darkness. But the glory and pride of red moon is challenged by mighty ocean , soon it will take a dive and hide , still the moment wins the whole canvas , and I feel like I m a painter.

I take a deep breathe when the breeze caressed my face........what is more pleasing , I look amused, my hair blows and the cold breeze whisper in my ears, soothing touch , shivers the body but still I enjoy the irony.I can smell the fragrance of flower you touched and wet soil scent so pungent.I open my arms wide to fly , attempts never succeed.......and I know I m hallucinating.

The captivating night , mighty ocean , quiet stars , knight of the sky , sound of water , the moment so PERFECT . And far away ,I see figures appearing in the dark , they glow under moonlight .I hear the laughs cracking.....getting louder as they approach me, spoiling the silence around.I hate this , I want to stay with the moon , the stars, the ocean all alone....I want to feel the cold breeze for some more time.....I want to stare the glittering sky for little longer.....I want to smell the air around more deeper......but they wont let me enjoy now.They will laugh at every thought of mine, they will take away my lonesome , they will shout louder than the roaring ocean , they will add smell to the fragrance ,  they will hinder the path of cold breeze blowing ,I can no more enjoy the serene beauty of nature.I turn my head and look at them approaching me closer and closer and closer....I can see the smile on there face...I hear them shouting my various pet names , I see them running towards me now.....and all hugging and falling over me.I can see their happiness to meet me again after few hours break, I feel warm as they hug , I can smell the sweet fruity fragrance - so fresh , I sense the care as they tighten me in their arms , caressed so softly by planting kisses on my cheeks , entertained me with all the talks I missed in the past few hour....and I laugh so loud with tears in my eyes...........!!!!!

I look at them , they all smiled at me , I bent down my head , smiled slightly.....A THOUGHT AGAIN : How can I choose the darkness and silence of night , over the lovely  faces that makes me feel relaxed , How can I choose the roaring splashes of ocean water, over the sweet-salty giggles that makes me laugh with tears , How can I choose millions of stars, over the few people who add glitters in my life and shine brightest , How can I choose the king size red moon ,over the mighty strength of our unity , How can I choose the cold breeze , over the love , care and togetherness they share with me, How can I feel that I m a painter without capturing the image of my life in it , without framing MY LOVELY FRIENDS IN IT :) !!!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


'Just talking is progress in India' and this is the circumstance prevailing over past few decades. India thrives on cynical thoughts and the leaders of this country are corrupted. Fake promises,vacuous ideas ,betrayal,several impotent bills which are passed every year,these form the bases of our existence. System and laws are hypocritical .Its high time to realize that we have reached the nadir of despair. It is time for alarms to hit our eardrums,to bring the "CHANGE" and it has already started.

As said by George Bernard Shaw :
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change
their minds cannot change anything".

On 5th April 2011,74 year old social activist - Anna Hazare started the hunger strike to eradicate debauch leaders and civilians from our country. He demanded for the Lokpal Bill to be introduced. Thousands of common men supported him,initiatives for rallies and candlelight march was taken. There were protests in every nook and corner of the country,but the government refused to pass the bill. On 16th August 2011 Hazare warned the government about his second fast protest. Crowd was louder this time and government was threatened. As a result they arrested Hazare,but the dauntless personality started his hunger strike. This time people's faith was betrayed again,their tolerance level was broken and their silence was challenged. The umbrage ,desire and aggression among the youth could be easily maculated not only in India but also among Indians living abroad .People of all age group was united for a cause. A difference is created between republicans and the leaders. The clamor could be heard inside every individual. By evening Hazare was given bail and every Indian stood beside him in Ram Lila Maidan. It is unbelievable to see that an individual's thought can bring the country together. It is facsimile of the Gandhian Era again.

Though it seems that everything is progressing towards the right direction, a few questions arise in the mind-How the spark has suddenly gone wild ? Will the movement be a real success ? Will this protest bring the CHANGE ?

Reforms have always been the opportune moment to pause and think. Even in the past , reforms have changed the facts and figures of India to a great extent. After a long time India is in a state of clamor. The anti corruption bill has created a situation of quandary for our government. They know that,passing the bill will surely vacillate the deep rot roots of the system. But ignorance is crowding the streets of India with every passing day. The governance is hallucinated and bewildered. Though the results are still unknown,the hope and trust is what we are thriving on right now.
Finally the government has agreed for all-call meet with Hazare and his team. Few points of the bill have been rejected , but 'Where there is a Will ,there is a Way'.India is a rich country which has not spoken yet. The economy is still in progress. There’s a lot in the country which consists of geeks, intelligence and intellectuals. So,let us become the voice,let us bring the CHANGE. KUDOS TO ANNA HAZARE.