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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Journey of a Beautiful Relationship !

A journey of a beautiful relationship !

On the way we meet so many people in life, few go unnoticed , few stay as a stranger , few as acquaintance , few leave an imprint in mind, few preserved as a beautiful memory and few just stay with you throughout the chapters of life. Thats not a book of an individual but a lovely book of two lives together. And what makes this book so interesting is the uncertainty of tomorrow, surprises and curiosity of their togetherness, the weirdness of their relation, the bond of love, fights and confusions, doubts about their individuality and independence, mystery of what they can share in future and what not, weaknesses and  strengths of their bond, clarity of emotions and feelings, trust, honesty and all the randomness of thoughts. It really looks so complex but when u see it all together as ONE, u see a journey of beautiful relationship :).

The moments that can never be enjoyed alone, the stability achieved inspite of all ambiguity and a bond created beyond expectations. We all live in a fantasy world but this world is full of fantasies created just by the thoughts of two minds, which becomes reality after a certain time. Reality that u know ul cherish forever, because its not a dream anymore. Its when u realise the beauty of two, and no more a hermit. When u are ready to sacrifice your ego to built a ladder of trust that goes infinite towards the sky and u hold a hand to walk without fear till the zenith. And on the way, again u see lot of new faces, white and black , ugly and beautiful, creative and uninspired, thoughtful and heedless, and u wander again, lost in the charm and mystery of attractive life. You are again lost in the crowd, running to catch the fireflies, they shine so bright in night, u are again a clueless child. Suddenly u feel the pull, u stop by and look beside, you see those tired eyes still filled with the same zeal, a dull smile with the same curve, a face with folded skin but still so bright, shocked and guilty you just wonder whats been missing throughout........I will tell....., its YOU ! Because you just forgot its not a complicated book of an individual but a simple journey of a beautiful relationship. :)

Sometimes there are no expectations or hopes but just a feeling that stays with one forever but can never be explained or understood. A feeling that will always be a reason for one's smile........and recently for me its YOU :).


  1. The hope that the dreams will become a reality one day is definitely the driving force. Enjoy the beautiful journey!

  2. its like "aate jaate khubrsurat awara sadkon main -kishore kumar song " meets "hoobstank-reason "
    seriously though..very well wrote after a long time and it was worth the wait i guess

  3. Its definitely a pleasure to hear good thing from you Rupa; Moharana. I am obliged, thank you so much :P