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Monday, April 8, 2013

Dream Camp by Make a Difference

'I m overwhelmed with joy and happiness' such a simple statement but expresses emotions so perfect ,this is how I feel .The mind captured by smiles and chuckles of so many innocent lives , eyes gazing at me with so many hopes , and  100s of dreams . The noise that sounds so melodious , as they sing the songs of  future, the mischiefs that never made me angry rather took me back to my childhood, their curiosity for every question put me in deeper thoughts....Are You Serious !!! And this was all the start of Boys Dream Camp 2013 by Make à Difference....!

Being from events team for MAD,I never had a chance to meet kids before, and I knew this would be one of my best chance to interact with these amazing kids . I had always heard about dream camp happenings in other cities , and for MAD Bangalore this was our first camp. Camp was planned for weekends but the excitement among the mad fellows and teachers was since 3 months and finally the DAY.There was not even a wrinkle of tiredness on any of our faces even after working sleepless for so many nights planning and preparing for the day ,but rather our faces were glowing with excitement , curiosity , impatience and anxiety.It was a wait to fulfil dreams of 108 underprivileged kids for whom each and every member of MAD had put in their best.
Finally there was hullabaloo all around , managing 108 kids wouldn't be an easy task we knew , and specially when it's all boyzzzzzzzz was going to be a tough row to hoe....wooooooh ! But I guess that's why we are named ' MAD ' which consists of bunch of crazy youth who believe in there efforts to bring any change they dream about.Finally the camp was all set with various sessions organised for kids where they were not only going to enjoy but also learn about many practical aspects to follow and value throughout life.The day started with prayers, jogging, pool sessions , football  followed by breakfast and refreshments.And then many more interesting events where they danced, discussed about real life situations , learned about facts , build arcade games with cardboard boxes and thermocole sheets , investigated a murder scene and became Sherlock Holmes for the day....isn't that great ,also  learnt about traffic signals and first aid .....and so many thing's that I don't even have count of them now.Wwowwwww ,it was really superb enjoying every moment with these amazing boys....... and ohhhh yeahhhh I forgot ,they even posed for thousands of pictures, memories for lifetime :) .
And after two days I just wondered how the time passed away.I don't know what I  exactly did those days but yeah I remember that I was named akka , I was taught how to blow whistle which apparently I still can't  :p , how to keep hope for the best even after loosing everything , how to smile for every small things , how to be selfless, how to respond for every little shower of love and how to stay beside your friends at every step of your short I learnt better ways of enjoying life with just few smiles and with best people around you.

I saw dreams in every eyes there but it was different then what I had seen in my childhood.....coz these eyes had those will power to make it real , it had the imagination beyond par . It wasn't a trip for 108 under privileged kids but for those odd bright children who dream every moment and taught me so many things which will remain etched in my heart and mind forever. Ànd for every dream these kids's not one dream but dreams of many as every individual of Make a Difference ensure to make it reality for them.Cheers to the beautiful memories and awesome kids who made this dream camp come true.And ofcourse....cheers to every crazy fellow who makes "Make a Difference " !!!

Life is short, what is important is how you make it worth and best for yourself .

Dream Camp memories :
Smiles :)

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Cheers :) ♥♥♥ :)