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Monday, October 11, 2010


                              Democracy is good . I say this because other systems are worse  :                                                   quoted by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
India is a one of the country where democracy was first started as a political form of government, after greece, where it existed some 2000 years ago. Democracy means that each and every citizen being reflected as equal before law and have equal acess to power.So it’s more about the Majority Rule.Therefore, ”Morality “ and “Freedom “ can be categorised as two basic features of democracy.But what does these terms actually mean…..???
Morality describes individual’s behaviour and conduct in a society , how their decisions and actions differentiate themselves from others.It is about what is objectively right or wrong. Whereas , freedom can be defined in one word as “Liberty”.Freedom to do anything without focussing on , whether it is right or wrong . Morality is generally shared within community or culture , whereas freedom is an individual thought. Now applying these terms on basis of political background , it can be said that they are the governing factors.They not only frame the outline for the governing system of a country but also define it’s citizen.Hence,they are important adjectives for country like India.Therefore we can say now , that India is a democratic country where terms like morality and freedom are used in best way.Since we enjoy freedom of speech , secularism , freedom to think and freedom to express it in our best possible manner.Inspite of the diversity , we share unity among ouselves.But focussing on few last and present scenarios , may force us to change our perspective towards a bizzare behaviour.
Few days back on 30th october 2010, the jugdement for biggest issue since years was released . Strangely everything went normal because of the neutral jugdement .The day started normally without any rage or war . But the situation was different few days before.On 28th october 2010 I got the message (in hindi ):

हर हिन्दू के मियां से  निकलेगी तलवार राम के नाम से ,
नादान मारा जायेगा राम के नाम से ,
 माँ कसम हर मुल्लाह मारा जायेगा राम के नाम से ,
जो बचेगा बक्श देंगे उसे राम के राम से ,
Please forward to all hindus………………….

I was quite speechless after reading this .I wondered if this is the what we call freedom , if this is what we call morality….than our country doesn’t deserve to be called democratic anymore. On 29th october 2010 , all TV news channels and newspapers was crowded with topics related to “ AYODHYA RAAM JANAMBHOOMI”. There was chaos everywhere, every eyes stuck on television , and the countdown starts……………….
On 30th october the first thought when I woke up was “Oh, What Will be the veridct ?? ”.This was the mental state of each and every citizen of India that day ,whether he is a Hindu or Muslim.A mixed feeling of excitement , anger , fear and guilt.At 3.30pm , everything stopped , like a silence before storm , empty roads and just Television On.Seeing all these my heart started beating faster, my mind overflowing with thoughts, I had no clue but yes I was scared of living in my own country that moment. I wanted to hide somewhere, I wanted to run away ….my freedom was no more with me , my morality had taken different attitude , where I was more biased and more selfish.  I was scared to leave my home , I was afraid of staying alone. I was against other religion , I suddenly started hating them, I cursed them for everything and wished things could have never happened.But I knew this was the feeling of every other man in the crowd, still no one could help to get out of it.It was the most helpless situation.I hated to be called democratic where my own freedom was snatched from me for no mistake of mine.Political seeds sown by few, has grown into a tree now and we are suffering under its shade. Life was a change for that particular period.

And finally the decision was declared……the 10,000 pages report was read , just in four lines, and at 6o’clock in evening everything went normal.The decision was welcomed whole heartedly by every citizen.And most important everyone was relaxed now.A very positive response .I was smiling now but I realised one thing that moment that I’m no more safe now.My morality and freedom could be hampered any second, if not today then who assures, may be tomorrow.My morality has to think everytime now ,before expressing.My freedom has certain boundaries and I’m not allowed to cross the limit.Liberty is no more a gift for me , rather a compromise.Secularism has to be chosen everytime.Love has to be divided depending upon diversity.Its difficult for me to breathe now. 

Hence , I cited this incidence because, for the first time I had an experience where, I tried to survive in my own country.This is not the only issue but yes here are thousands under which we have to compromise with our freedom and morality , when democracy doesn’t seem to exist in our society.Similarly there are thousands of such incidents where we suffer in our country INDIA, which we say as Democratic.Issues like economy, politics , corruption are basically responsible for our fake democracy.To eradicate them and live a real life, we need a big revolution again which comprises of each and every person without any discrimination on basis of caste or religion.We again have to prove that , our’s is a country with “UNITY IN DIVERSITY “.Otherwise sustainence of “Morality “ and “Freedom” in democracy will become difficult ,which basically defines US, which defines our country “INDIA”.

                                                         JAI HIND !

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turning BACK the pages and U Are everywhere:-)

  This blog I'm writting under "My friends , My life , My Phone... "

I was never fond of gadgets....i always had this thought that , it is simply waste of money.Why a person need phone ?? Just to stay connected with your loved ones , so even a basic cellphone could meet this requirement i believe.Do believe me but i was without a mobile till my 12th class......few people inserted the statement in my mind that "Cellphones Always Destroy You "...So i was leading happy life till then ....untill the day came, when i got opportunity to come bangalore  for my BE degree and thereafter my life changed.It was time to buy the "Destructive Element" and to my wonder my father got me the best one :-) !!! Though smart phones were not that smart by that time.....still i had the facilities like

How it ruined me....he he , lets start from  My 1st SEMESTER :-p....


My college is very chill about the rules......infact they are very much concerned about "US" i must say. So phones in college was not an obligation .So i started carrying cell to my class and use to sit in first or second bench ! To my luck , two of my best friends from school days were also studying in bangalore, so staying connected with them whole day was the most important thing for me those days.But sitting in first bench and sending SMS was not an easy job , so after a month , last two benches became the best destination and to grab those seats i struggled competiting others and reach early for my lectures. SO THIS WAS MY FIRST STEP TOWARDS "DESTRUCTION " :-p !!! From morning till evening i was totally engrossed in sending SMS......updating my friends about each and every act of mine and keeping myself updated about them like "What i had in breakfast", "M i wearing jeans or salwar suit (also colour )" , "Which subject's lecture is going on", "What are the features of professor teaching us "........and it continued .....By the end of my 1st semester i enabled myself with typing speed of 200 words /minute that too without taking off my eyes away from lecturer.So it was quite a "Talent" by then and i excelled in that :-) !!!


As the days passed on , my contact list filled up with more and more friends everyday...but thanks to my cellphone with 8Gb expandable memory which was really one of the best feature 3 years back....!!! In college every student has cellphone but yes the looks , the features , and the smartness of one's phone does matter and for this i use to feel very proud sometimes, my phone had everything : Touchscreen, Good looks, Great memory , GPRS service ,2MP cam etc sometimes i use to showoff also  :-p .Days were fun , and suddenly one midnight i got an SMS , to be more specific my first proposal :-) . I was shy and blushing , i wanted to capture that moment of mine.....and i Smiled and Clicked  :-) !!! My whole day was with phone on ears after that since mine was distance relationship.And then i got the tittle of "MISS Phonogenic " , and a song dedicated by my friends "What is your mobile number , Karu kya dial number " .....24*7 with phone was tiring at times but that was the only source of romantic songs , and lovable talks with my BF :-) . So for whole semester , i was more of in relation with my phone and THAT's How The Second Most Important Change took place in my LIFE.. :-) !!!  


So my days and nights passed on just listening to romantic songs , talking and chatting...., And Studies..??? I don't remember when i use to do that...but yes without music it was difficult for me to study also... :-/ !!! I use to talk , i use to blush , i use to joke, i use to was my only way to all these expressions, infact when my friends use to find me with phone, one day before exam....they came up with a thought that these days i have also started studying on phone :-P !!! Everything was cute until the day i had a bad break up.....and yes again life changed for me to bit depressing this time :-( !!!


My music lists had more of Avril and Jagjit Singh ( Songs with Hopes U know) now........i use to interact less with the crowd and more with my lonesome......I wanted to get out of it, and then one day i started with the feature of "yahoo chat " as in more frequently !!! Sometimes its fun talking to strangers , i was with new routine now.....chatting full day and I was again lucky to actually get some very new good friends . Slowly i was out of my paranormal behaviour and life was pleasant like before.


As with bulk of friends keep in touch with them i had to call with expensive STD rates.That's was quite difficult for a student like me with certain pocket money.And than i guess not only me and many people's life changed with TATA DOCOMO'S new offer 1paise/pulse. To my excitement i bought a new sim , and now 12 hours talking (rest i spent for my other activities )  which was better than chatting :-) !!! Earlier i use to decide the day for making STD calls depending upon my monthly budget but now it was like " Anytime Anywhere" offer :-) !!! Friends are the best part of life and to stay connected to them , without a second thought was the best part :-) !!!


This was the time when after loads of talking , chatting , SMSing .....god i was tired now !!! Finally i was tired and at times felt like throwing away the cell phone whenever it rings...!!! But how could i harm something i loved throughout my college life , which made me capture all my expressions , kept me connected with all friends and got me a new life every MOMENT :-) !!! But to my BAD LUCK this sweet ,cute , lovable phone had this much life only :-( !!! It fell into water and was unrepairable..... :-( ! I don't remember if i cried but yes i still feel upset thinking about this incident :-'( !!!


And here I am in my 7th sem presently.....using the basic series of cellphone these days. ! Leading a balanced life , with balanced studies, balanced talks, balanced friends , balanced blogs and yes BALANCED "cell balance " !!! But i do miss those smart features ....those friendly interface with my phone.....So two days back when i got to know about this new ALCATEL Tata Docomo Cell .....i got very excited !!! I was looking out for something to buy similar to my earlier phone with exact features....but i guess i got the better one here... :-) !!!  With its rare features like "Trackpad " and "Dive in "services, m expecting for some more excitement in my coming LAST SEM OF MY COLLEGE DAYS..... :-)

At last i thank Tata Docomo for this contest ...which just refreshed myself with the old beautiful memories...and reminded me HOW important smart phone is in one's life....i was totally wrong before but yes A SMARTPHONE DID GOT LOT OF CHANGES IN MY LIFE !!! :-)  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful afternoon with lovely bloggers IN bangalore ... !!! ;-)

   I thought of canceling my plan of  going to indiblogger meet two days before , since my uncle suddenly out of  blue moon called up that morning to inform that he'l be landing in bangalore on sunday afternoon :-( .Meeting him was a compulsion for me and telling him the truth not gonna help i knew . But when " Alwin " called me in afternoon to confirm if i will be able to come in JP Celestial Hotel on sunday for the meet , i started imagining "How exciting and different its gonna be..?? " .Something within me forced to say "yes"...and my next step was to think of a valid reason that i will be presenting before my uncle ......Its very difficult you know because when you say no to your relatives , they start thinking about all the weird unreal situations for a girl studying away from home  !!! So after a lot of thought process , i could finally manage with one .... and also told my friends IN CASE  :-p !!!

  And finally it was the "DAY ".... :-), and as usual i got up at 12...OMG i was already late , i had to iron my clothes , i had to take lunch , after lots of ambiguity and changing my dress thrice , i ended up wearing PINK kurti . Irony is i just hate PINKY PINKY WHAT COLOUR :-/ , but i guess i bought it because i loved the design . So finally i managed to arrive there before time ( first time this would have happened :-p ) , just few people initially but as the clock hit 2o'clock, hall was full of intellectuals of different ages from 14 year to 62 year.The event started and everyone was welcomed cheerfully by Anoop , his jokes filled the air with laughter :-) ! All confused about the "AGENDA", he started with 30 seconds of fame which was meant to introduce oneself in the most interesting way . I was surprised to see such mix and match included not only the IT professionals but writers , international and national awarded personalities , IISC researchers , students , civil defence officer ,special mention to Tax revenue officer , and someone ran off simply to escape from wife's shopping plan  !!! But when it came to enjoyment I must say the usual lazy afternoon was turned up into very exciting and cheerful gathering . Live and comment was the best part , that's when each stranger face turned up into a friendly soul .The tasty samosas ( which u hardly get in bangalore ) and sip of coffee energised everyone to speak more and more and  more........the LCD screen blinking with new comments everytime , the event was getting more interesting every moment !!! HP printers were already won by few for introducing themselves in the heroic way :-p , but oh their were more prizes on the way , Cloud HP printer was also introduced and was bagged by Mohan as the first prize for his picture of " Bull And The Trumpet " . Finally Anoop gave bloggers the chance to speak and Raghav came up with  most optimistic words and his experiences , i just loved to listen him ......U r really great man...more success for u ahead :-) . I also got to know about mobile tweeting and civil defence . Finally it was time to distribute few more prizes for "NO REASONS "..he he....and yipiiiieeeeeeeeeeee i won the HP potable speakers because i wore that weird colour PINK :-p !!! And i realized how true the words of GITA are  " Everythng Happens For A Reason" , even if its PiNk :-p

So on a whole,  for me .....#INDIBLR MEET was the most interesting meet with gracious people around......and in return of a lie to my uncle i managed to get a Tshirt, sheet filled with lovely comments and A potable speaker :-) !!! Ofcourse it was a profitable compromise for me and a lovely day with beautiful memories :-) :-) :-) !

And hey i would like to know how many managed to go back home safely after that 550/- unlimited booze offer at Nevada  , i could not manage to come , i have recently Quit drinking :-p, he he !!!

Keep Blogging :-)