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Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful afternoon with lovely bloggers IN bangalore ... !!! ;-)

   I thought of canceling my plan of  going to indiblogger meet two days before , since my uncle suddenly out of  blue moon called up that morning to inform that he'l be landing in bangalore on sunday afternoon :-( .Meeting him was a compulsion for me and telling him the truth not gonna help i knew . But when " Alwin " called me in afternoon to confirm if i will be able to come in JP Celestial Hotel on sunday for the meet , i started imagining "How exciting and different its gonna be..?? " .Something within me forced to say "yes"...and my next step was to think of a valid reason that i will be presenting before my uncle ......Its very difficult you know because when you say no to your relatives , they start thinking about all the weird unreal situations for a girl studying away from home  !!! So after a lot of thought process , i could finally manage with one .... and also told my friends IN CASE  :-p !!!

  And finally it was the "DAY ".... :-), and as usual i got up at 12...OMG i was already late , i had to iron my clothes , i had to take lunch , after lots of ambiguity and changing my dress thrice , i ended up wearing PINK kurti . Irony is i just hate PINKY PINKY WHAT COLOUR :-/ , but i guess i bought it because i loved the design . So finally i managed to arrive there before time ( first time this would have happened :-p ) , just few people initially but as the clock hit 2o'clock, hall was full of intellectuals of different ages from 14 year to 62 year.The event started and everyone was welcomed cheerfully by Anoop , his jokes filled the air with laughter :-) ! All confused about the "AGENDA", he started with 30 seconds of fame which was meant to introduce oneself in the most interesting way . I was surprised to see such mix and match included not only the IT professionals but writers , international and national awarded personalities , IISC researchers , students , civil defence officer ,special mention to Tax revenue officer , and someone ran off simply to escape from wife's shopping plan  !!! But when it came to enjoyment I must say the usual lazy afternoon was turned up into very exciting and cheerful gathering . Live and comment was the best part , that's when each stranger face turned up into a friendly soul .The tasty samosas ( which u hardly get in bangalore ) and sip of coffee energised everyone to speak more and more and  more........the LCD screen blinking with new comments everytime , the event was getting more interesting every moment !!! HP printers were already won by few for introducing themselves in the heroic way :-p , but oh their were more prizes on the way , Cloud HP printer was also introduced and was bagged by Mohan as the first prize for his picture of " Bull And The Trumpet " . Finally Anoop gave bloggers the chance to speak and Raghav came up with  most optimistic words and his experiences , i just loved to listen him ......U r really great man...more success for u ahead :-) . I also got to know about mobile tweeting and civil defence . Finally it was time to distribute few more prizes for "NO REASONS "..he he....and yipiiiieeeeeeeeeeee i won the HP potable speakers because i wore that weird colour PINK :-p !!! And i realized how true the words of GITA are  " Everythng Happens For A Reason" , even if its PiNk :-p

So on a whole,  for me .....#INDIBLR MEET was the most interesting meet with gracious people around......and in return of a lie to my uncle i managed to get a Tshirt, sheet filled with lovely comments and A potable speaker :-) !!! Ofcourse it was a profitable compromise for me and a lovely day with beautiful memories :-) :-) :-) !

And hey i would like to know how many managed to go back home safely after that 550/- unlimited booze offer at Nevada  , i could not manage to come , i have recently Quit drinking :-p, he he !!!

Keep Blogging :-) 


  1. nice one and congrats for the portable speakers :)

  2. That sounds great. I have'nt attended any Indiblgr meet till date, but now i feel that i ve really missed something. .

  3. Hehehe... wish I had the cloud printer! Actually I got the Wireless All in one printer and not the one that was available for display. Anyways.. liking it so far :)

    I am yet to decode the association of girls and the color pink! mystery forever? may be not! Good to have met you Raisa, look forward to read more of your articles often :)

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  5. Well written post Raisa. Never thought pick could pay off, but what do you know??? ;-)


  6. @muddassir : Thnx a lot :-)

    @Nandan : U should for sure next was very nice experience for me :-)

    @mohan : Oh is it...but still u ALL IN ONE also sounds great !!! and to decode anything abt girls ,u need to put lot of effort ...still try try try :-p

    @stumblednews surely log into this site.

    Zeon : He he...thts wht u never know :-)...thnx nwz :-)

  7. Congrats on winning the portable speakers Raisa! :)
    Wish I could have been there!
    Next time I'll try to attend! :)
    Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  8. @girish : Hey thnx a lot :-0 Ya sure u actly missed the lovely try next time...ul have loads of fun ;-) !!!

  9. yeah .. hilarious reasons.. i won speakers for calling the indiblogger team handsome :)

    lets do the tarot card thing sometime

  10. @sneo : he he.....SERIOUSLY it was HILLARIOUS :-P !!! Anyday u like to....u r restless from that day i know :-p !!

    @aparna : thnx a lot.. :-) !!!

  11. portable speakers??? :O i want one too :P
    u havnt tried laddoos, have u? gues they serve samosas, just an intuition :D

    it was a pleasure meeting u!

  12. That's true "everything happens for a reason".
    I love pink... I even wore it that day, but though I should not look pinky pinky and changed in blue... As that portable speaker was meant for you :P

  13. Would you vote for me?

  14. @Anil :yups....u shd have worn PInk thn :-p..
    It was nice meeting u also....hope ul teach me malayalam :-)

    @sweta : :-)...Yes swetha evn i think so....nwz next time be prepared with all weirdo answers in the meet... :-)..It was nice meeting you :-)

    @12c: SUre il vote for you... :-)

  15. ah so u were the pink dress girl...


    nice review~

  16. Congrats on the speakers Ms Tarot card reader! It was really nice meeting u and the other bloggers... btw u r still supposed to tell me my future... will keep that for my next trip to blore :)

  17. @tavish : For sure :-)Nice to meet you also :-)

  18. hey.. raisa.. awesome review.. congrats on winning the speakers... Pink did prove to be lucky.. cudnt catch up wid u der.. will surely check out ur blog.. :)
    cheers keep writin..

  19. @shashi : Thnx a lot :-) !!! Sure vl meet up next time.. :-) !!!

  20. Nice to read this! It almost gave back the moments spent with all you folks at the Indibloggers meet. I still remember, your comments on my wall, when two people were writing at the same time :) he he..!

    Hope to meet you all again soon.


  21. @vijay : He he , i know big wall of ur's :-p !!! It was really good time :-)