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Friday, April 23, 2010

" W T F "- Y is it so popular ..???

I never heard of this word before....rather never paid attention i must say , But actually observed after i came to Bangalore.Initially i wondered why its so usual for people out here.Later i discovered its a part of their lifestyle ,infact for them its not a slang but just a blank in mid of those fingers ,people enjoy using with every word !!!!

Do you think you are cool ...??? Do you wanna b centre of attraction... ??? Do u wanna prove yourself right and others wrong....??? Hey then start using this word as soon as possible,that will surely give u a different identity.BUT WHAT KIND OF IDENTITY.......depends whether u are among bunch of fools or some decent crowd....!!! Secondly its the most versatile word u can ever use........attach it with any emotion of your's and feel the difference :-p . For example,
Angry : **** U , il slap :- 0 !!!
Shocked : **** man , it was amazing :-@ !!!
Upset : **** i m lost :-( !!!
and the list goes there everywhere @@$$$ && ...!!!!
Finally the most important, our best buddy ever -'television'.As rodies is less about how well you can perform the task and more about how well you can make your voice go BEEP BEEP BEEP>>>>!!!

Hence the conclusion is ...with so many choices ,how can you deny its importance.Well then i guess its high time for me also to start using it,but doesn't my blog will sound bit audacious for the readers then.....hmmmmm.... Nyways no offence ,no debates,i can express myself better this way only...i guess ! For the rest ,this was just my way to focus bit light over its increasing popularity and make them aware of their new building indentity in society its all for a social cause :-p !!!

ENJOY ... !!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DESIRE.......have u tasted yet ...????

"Teach me mam ,Teach me.......plzzz" a young boy stdying in 10th class requested me as i entered the Organisation for street children that day,as if he'l miss the most precious opportunity of his life.

The moment we are born,with us the strongest emotion "DESIRE" also takes birth.It live with us,grow with us and become stronger day by day.......the urge whenevr we wish for something ,that encourages us to try hard and grab our Aims and goals...!!! So is that enough to describe the word "DESIRE"....??? Yesss thats what it means to us,to most of the people out here actually and even i'm included in that.......but i must tell, lets come out of our beautifoooooool world for a minute , and instead of feeling this desire inside yourself,try to SEE it around u. It may amze u how can u see the "emotion" can u touch the " feeling "...but i experienced it all...i felt..i saw..i touched - The Desire !!!

This word has got lots of meaning but less it say if u search among common people as its a bizzare with rare kind of person,whose actually passionate for something .It doesnt include our crave for ambitions,our wish for good luck,our madness for love.....rather it includes the hard work to hold our Desires even if its for a moment !!!! I met this boy i mentioned in my first lines, who was filled with knowledge,plans,goals,talent,interests,anxiety,eagerness...full of livliness and uniqueness.....hardly to be seen......and what makes him different was tht he was orphan with no source to achieve his desires....still he is happy and confident.I felt contented listening him , learnt so many things that instant , something different...some truth i never cared about. :-)

I thank to him and feel lucky . M NOW DESIROUS- A feeling i should term it myself beco'z its nowhere in the dictionary....its just in my senses !!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ITS ALL ABOUT U :-) !!!!

Here goes my special one.............. :-) !!!

Sitting alone , thnking of you , m amazed ,
How were the things in past we faced,
You were always a question , making me confusing,
But now you are my answers , you are amusing ;

Is it my hallucination ,
Or is it the deed of my life's creation ,
Coz life's never been so beautiful before ,
I just feel every moment to adore u more ;

M enlightened with every drop of "YOU" ,
It sparkles me like sunshine falling on dew ,
You took me along the breeze of happiness ,
Where i danced in the rain with craziness ,
So I'm all lost in this moment of You and Me like never ,
And just wanna hold this relation of "US" the same forever and ever ...... !!!! :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Indian History : The past forgotten in present

As i was reading the newspaper few days back, i came through an article regarding Indian history, our culture,our customs,our religion....and that fascinated me to the extent that i statred to google more about India. I went back to the era of rulers and then the britishers and finally the independent india being ruled by corrupt politicians. But the conclusion of my search was not that i got to know lot about INDIA,rather lot is still unknown to me !!!

The subject history becomes history after school....and in school days for most it always ranked first as a subject of boredom. I still remember the chapters like "revolts of 1857","mughal dynasty"....and the pain i took in remembering those so called "IMP DATES" !!!! But as a matter of fact today i realised the importance of this painful history in our lives ,its a shame for us that being the citizen of this great country..hardly nyone of us remember its history ,the great rulers and the activist whose contribution only made INDIA great . I may sound very patriotic to u at present but actually m quite impressed and feel proud after finding something about my culture and my country,so the similar i want each and evryone to feel out here.Beco'z i believe its not just about INDIA,infact its more about knowing urself. And to live in the present and future the "PAST" should never be forgotten !!!