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Monday, September 27, 2010

Childhood Memories..............NOSTALGIC !!!!!!!!

" How Alaadin will find jasmine ..... ? " , " Who's gonna steal uncle scrooge's treasure ....? " , "  What will happen after little memaid's dream ? "....and i was sooooo worried , when finally school bell rang.I headed towards bus , so as to catch the first seat ......finally reached home and without any further delays,switched on the television........ "Jungle Jungle baag chali hai pata chala hai............are chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila haiiii  :-)"  , a smile flashed across my face , i looked behind ....straight outside the door of my drawing room , i could see many destitute children running towards the wall of my house boundary , where they usually sit and watch "MOWGLI" . With them i always enjoyed  " Disney Hour " more.....they shout and chuckle sitting outside and i enjoy their happiness every moment with my favorite characters on TV :-) !!!

This was my usual routine every afternoon after school.........and must say the best routine i ever had :-) !!! The days when the biggest worry was to complete the homework ,most troublesome situation was to drink "milk" daily morning at 6 o'clock before school ( oh god i abhor it ), greatest fear was to get scoldings from teacher , stressful period was one day before the monday test ,  worst was to get signature of parents in case
of filthy marks ........ :-/ and the most difficult was the to manage time for watching cartoons in this busy schedule. Today when i rewind my days and cluster every moment together........i hold a priceless bouquet with fragrance of sweet and charming  memories ;-) !!!

After a long time I'm again enjoying those days....though its no more with the colourful frocks , neither its the relaxed mind ...... canteen junks has replaced the homely taste and office workloads has eaten away the time , its no more about those twinkling nights with a story before sleep , nor the dreams with cindrella on the pumpkin cart , but yes few things are still same..............Its the same ME who still hate milk the most .....( eeeewww....) and still loves to watch "MOWGLI" ( they are as refreshing as forever )....but i do miss my background viewers :-)  !!!

Time Changes everything........Life is about Changes i believe..some are good , some are bad.....but something that u can Save for Lifetime Without regrets is " YOU "............Memories are not only to cherish but to choose the best among them and change them back to "REALITY "... !!! :-)


  1. Live your Present in such away that it will going to be Memorable Past In Future....... :)
    thats wht u did n that u r continuing.... :)

  2. well the nostalgic recollection of kiddo days.... good one raisa.. keep up the gud work

  3. @parth : And thnx to you also for this :-) !!!
    @vinny : thnx a lot :-) u too start with few of ur kiddo days :-p !!!

  4. that was so beautiful and refreshing... :) you know raisa... i havent updated my blog for like 2 months and the blogs that i foloolw i kinda lost interest in... but when i read your post... it really took me back towards something different and something treasured which i had forgotten i guess !!!

    you know i used to rush home and watch sawat cats.. wouldnt' let anybodt touch the remote... ah sweet times :)

    cool post yaar.. and hey i'm coming for the indi meet too :) hope too see you there :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  5. @Thousif : Hey thnx a lot....m happy to c that my blog is making you remind about the good old days.....!!!
    M also cmng for the meet.....cya for sure.. :-) !!!

  6. Ah Aladdin, Mowgli, Duck Tales, Mickey Mouse, DBZ, etc,etc.. How I miss those good old days!!
    Your post reminded me of so many sweet memories!
    Thank u..! :)

    You are going to indi meet? Cool :)
    I cannot come! I'll come next time!
    Hope to meet all of you then :))
    Keep blogging :)

  7. @girish : Hey thnx a ton..... :-) !!! Childhood is just abt best times vl miss forever....! Yup m gng for the meet :-) very xcited abt it... !!! Do try to come...have a nice time :-)