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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reservation for TRANSGENDERS....!!!!

News of the day : " TG reservations in PG course -by BU " !!! First few minutes i struggled searching the meaning but later struggled with my dual mind when i got to know they are talking about  "Transgenders" !!!
How to react ..??? Is it a good news or a bad...???The Bangalore University recently introduced reservation for transgenders in PG courses from 2010-11.They have modified the application form by introducing "TG" column along with Male and Female column for indicating the sex of the candidates. Hmmmm......sounds great and its something new for our education system. Moreover its great to hear that students are optimistic towards this approach by government , even i felt delighted that atleast our government think about someone in this society ....oh god's grace :-) .....lucky are "THEY " !!!

So talking about them,in general , everyone always have this soft corner in their heart when they see them arguing with others for money and we always come up with a line "Oh poor people, why has god punished them this way " , but the moment they turn towards you, its time to RUN MAN....actually this is the general perception. The other day while i was travelling back from my hometown to bangalore , i observed sudden move by all men in and around me towards one direction . Some running towards the other compartment,few getting inside the same toilet , few finding place to hide somewhere.For sometime i could'nt make out the reason until i heard the noises from back and saw them.They turned towards me , (as no male population was left nearby ) , initially i felt scared but when they blessed me ,  i smiled and one among them took out a 10 rupees note + 1 rupee coin and gave in my hand.I have heard from my elders that their every word can change your life....i don't know how true is that but i know that those blessings came direct from the heart.

The worst situation in life is when u have to face the "Helpless Situation" and imagine when someone has made a deal like "U have to suffer if u want to survive ". I believe god has made this deal with transgenders and still they are trying to "SURVIVE " every day of their's instead of "LIVING" it , instead of enjoying it, sacrificed their every thought , ambition and respect just for the sake of simple Survival.Can u imagine a life where people ignore you, pass filthy comments ,no friends , no family , no love,no happiness.........................................................then your existence can only be defined as a blank ..!!! I can never think about their thoughts , i can never feel their pain , i can never be so strong , but atleast i can look at them with a smile and thank them for their selfless blessings :-) !!

Its a great thing that our government has introduced such laws for the first time, its a good start.Now its our responsibility to support and except such sensitives issues with a respect and positive attitude in our society.In my view, country's development means an overall development of our society and its people . For that we should start thinking from the broader aspect in every field . Respect and Honour are the prime adjectives to understand anyone's perception about others , and hence are the vital requirement for improving our thoughts.When a country like India has welcomed Homosex marriages , then excepting transgenders in our education system should'nt be a big deal at all.Every country's economy is counted in terms of its money and literacy level. Encouraging TG people to pursue them for higher studies will surely help people to interact more and know them in a better way.This will surely widen our narrow understanding about certain things which we usually see from a negetive point of view. Then it would be easy for us to count them among the common people without any differences. This will really help them to mix among us and work in a usual routine.And I'm sure that such steps will really help our nation to move forward towards the list of rich country's . A country is rich , only with its people thought and active participation. So this time we must hail our government  for adding up something really new for us.I believe that more of such thoughts should be welcomed and encouraged in coming years and I'm sure everyone agrees with me.

To give happiness to someone is a biggest thing to do.To make someone's life worth living is valuable like nothing in this world .Lets just DO IT :-)


  1. Very Nice!! :)
    tnx for sharing n circulating some exceptional optimism from rare and very nice new!!

  2. Thnx a lot Parth :-) !!! I hope such efforts vl surely bring good for all of us someday !!

  3. That's an awesome step! At least better than the MHRD's reservations for "weaker sections of the society" those go to generations of the same family exploiting it like hell!

  4. @mangoman : he he ...thts true...smthing very new for a country like India to except...but hope it vl be positive..:-) !!