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Friday, July 1, 2016

How short lived is your happiness?

Happiness can be ‘that’ song or ‘that’ face, or that beautiful place I explored fortunately, or simply getting back to a long forgotten hobby, or talking to an old friend from kindergarten or may be just going through the pages of good-bad memories of your past.
I heard you were very happy and excited about your new relationship a week back, I remember you were happy about your new job a month back, I remember you were happy about your new found love for paintings a year back. But where is it gone now? You see yourself no more comfortable with that person you thought is your soulmate? You don’t feel excited about your job and work culture suddenly? You don’t get mentally healed by painting canvases anymore?
But somewhere you are still confused about your changed feelings — not sure why these things doesn’t make you happy anymore! May be it’s temporary and tomorrow morning everything will feel the same, how it was a year back and you will feel like it was just yesterday when these new changes brought long lost happiness in your life again. Are you over-thinking? May be.
Now you are tired, you don’t want to invest anymore time giving thoughts about things that could have happen if you would have chosen ‘the other’ in your life, you don’t want to think if this is what is called ‘opportunity missed for lifetime’, because all you see around is darkness, wrong choices made, agitated emotions and questions asked with no answers left.
So how short lived is your happiness? Just another smile away or may be just a distant from ‘that’ song.

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