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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The girl next door......unseen !!!

    There i saw you ,
    sitting on the wall ,
    that seperates the mansion ,
    from the debris around ....

    You smiled so eloquently ,
    while chatting with your friend ,
    those eyes so glittering ,
    inspite of the dullness of cloud...

   That face so sagacious and radiant ,
    but layered with greyish sufferings ,
    still hope for the dreams ,
    so unreal in her existing bounds....

  The skeleton so virile ,
   that has withered yet unblossom ,
   though spreads fragrance of freshness ,
   like a rose kept in the book i found.....
  And there i saw the happiest life on earth ,
  searching to satisfy her hunger ,
  calming her friend who's barking aloud ,
  but still no blames in this filthy crowd.......!!!



  1. suiting u...really gud one...:)

  2. Thts for a poor girl v never observe next door ....its a way to express that do something for the poor and orphan children around u......c i have become so expressive :-) !!! thnx dear