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Sunday, August 29, 2010

AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED............... !!!

 Sitting under the moonlight....i tried so hard for a drop of tear trickle down my cheeks as the lovely yesteryears i miss....!!! Life's aint easy nor its tough , neither do i regret , neither i could except........sometimes I'm in dilemma ..sometimes in rest.....but never i reached the conclusible fact yet ! I need a more in pain.....I'm no god...neither a saint , but i have learnt the lessons,i will remember forever....!!!  I know what i lack,what i's is complicated with thoughts that are daily born........ today the truth is much bitter, i see........those sanguine days are no more, for free.I wonder about my biased neither let me cry , nor smile , emotions are now shackled with chains , enervate and sometimes insane . How do i tackle , how do i refrain these feelings of mine.....i feel desolated in this selfish crowd .

I remember the days , so beautiful... I created , like a garden who's every flower so flawless , every moment i adored . I think about the thoughts and laughs i shared , the argues always ending up with tears and smiles , the care being showered all around and the trust never betrayed !!! A piece of advice like a bless for me , though i act unheard but every time touched my heart....! The long discussions with no conclusions......i feel were the best way i have utilized my time ,as every moment i learned a new perception of life ! I had the best and few were my "rest" , secured in motherly demeanor , nothing was congest . I was flying so high without any debts , they were my strength.....the reason, i was blessed !!! My zeal was in their prayers , my worries they shared , my silence a trouble , always understood unspoken .......shoulders to lean on , arms to hold me , those whispers comfort me , that was the serenity ........... ! Forgiveness to worship... i was taught , trust is the love... to be respect , kindness is my responsibility.....never to forget , smile keeps away the enemy , so never resist.........these were the boulevard where i survived , every instant these memories i always cherish !!!

And suddenly i feel so cold in the breeze around , the moon looks so giant making me horrified , the darkness still persist on a full moon night , may be world is shrinking.....i had a thought ! The memories down the lane was so beautiful , still why everything changed , i tried my best to hold them , still why they slipped off my hand  ! What did i do.....i ask in the mirror , and daily it shatters without answering my fear ....! I know the past may be forgotten by you, but i still remember .......i still miss those days when we were together . Still I'm waiting for the "RAY OF HOPE " my mother told me about this magical light, she said it obliterate life's darker side . And I am still a child to follow her words........i know changes are always good, but not the one that pains . So don't ask me to forget the past , because its where i met my few and the best , its where i hold your hand , its where i loved you all......its where we shared million hours of beautiful past .....AND THAT'S WHEN I CRIED THINKING YOU WILL BE THERE AGAIN , SOMEDAY , TO WIPE THEM OFF..........!!!  :-) :-) :-)

To all my friends and family.....i miss you , i love you and i treasure you all a lot :-) !!! Thanks :-)


  1. oh u became so emotional...... don't cry... njoi life.... many ppl will come across u in this beautiful journey of life....

  2. @abhi : I had and i have many beautiful people around me.... :-) ! Its jst a thought i want to share with all........ :-) !!!

  3. Aww...what a heartfelt post.
    And yes, it's love that keeps you alive.

  4. @purba : Thnx a lot mam :-) !!!

  5. i also love friends like you.... :) no matter u had made me 6 ft. tall by pulling my leg :P :D :) n giving me lot of fruitful advices,thats why i gained weight "FRUIT FULL"!! :p
    the best part was the use of "rest"!! :)
    tk cre!! All the best!! :)

  6. :-p....I know , so i have made u more smart :-p he he !!!