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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh god...Wht's killing my EYES....... !!! ( Bad Fashion Days )

Being a girl its the best topic i can share my views on  :-p !!!

So "FASHION"-the new trends, new style , new combination....all  to make you look good.Its no more just for girls , but has become something important , that concerns both the gender equally these days.Though i must correct myself using the word "GOOD"......because mostly "FASHION DISASTER " goes out to be the best topic to be discussed after an awesome party or after a normal routine day,as its everywhere. :-) . This just reminds me about few laughs i have enjoyed in my school days and few to warn others in their adulthood  ::

1 . Well charity begins at home....... :-p . Have you ever observed your good old days photos (probably school days) posing with your friends or family . Atleast one out of three will surely make you laugh....for me infact i use to bring the biggest disaster at times. But specially reminds me about the cousin wearing "white pearl necklace with golden embellishments and extremely frilled brown skirt ", and now i wonder what use to make me jealous of her (we were in 8th class ) :-p.

2 . I remember the long knee length , slender , light brown skirt with some graphical designs i bought after fighting a lot with my parents on my birthday,over that i wore cream color full sleeves t-shirt with all possible shimmeries "something".And than posing with my all girlfriends for a click who just loved my dress.........what was our problem dude.Well i still laugh and at times feel shy to show those pics to others.... :-p

4 . Teenage is very interesting with lots of new things and feelings,where "CRUSH" tops the list. Its obvious to have crush on school's smartest guy but it was crushed badly when i saw him that day.I saw him first time in a civil dress in tution , and it was an "Orange color shiffon cloth with green palm trees ". I know you look smart but does'nt mean in everything you wear that too when you are not in GOA.

3 .Well disaster in school days exceptable .....v were just kids. But the other day i was roaming in the Mall and i saw a face in the crowd which drew my attention.....nice biceps, handsome look , tall , smart....eeeeeeeeewwwwwww  " A PINK TIGHT T-SHIRT PAIRED WITH SKY BLUE JEANS ". Oh my god was he a model inspiring guys to wear pink or gay.....I except guys are trying to remove PINK from the list of  " JUST GIRLY LOVE ". But please such combinations - don't except girls to fall for you even though its PINK.

4 . Coming to the most common scene guys actually enjoy is the trend of wearing "Low Waist Jeans".Sometimes i feel like pulling it down for guys.....because its just at the verge of that.It look as if poor thing is being made suffered , by rubbing it off below the shoes and not even giving the option to save itself by pulling it little up.And don't forget girls......low waist does make us look HOT but its too much when its too down from back.... :-p

5 . And well this disaster is not only being followed in massive just by young crowd , but middle age and oldies too contribute interestingly. When i met her in a party after long time i had a thought : "Aunty i know you were the most wanted girl in your college days but now you are grandma of two , please realize that your back is no more sexy and stop revealing it with that deep cut blouses. :-p

6 . And my observations when i went to delhi ( Don't get offencive delhities ), just make me spread around one sentence : " Fashion is not about dress being beautiful but how beautiful it can make you look" . So please atleast avoid those tight t-shirts and jeans where visibility of that " TUMMY " becomes more lucid, those shimmery clothes which highlight you as "OMG what's killing my eyes" among the formal crowd , and  just look yourself once in the mirror before you leave home ,what looks good on her/him may not make you look the same.

Well this does'nt concludes my list about the disasters, it will go on and and always bring up something for us to laugh on and remember. But there's someone you can always look at and make yourself feel better when you have undergone some serious fashion disaster ..... "I'm better then LADY GAGA :-p " !!!!!

Cheers :-)


  1. Ohh the stuff I wore when I was a teen!! Shudder...shudder!

  2. @ purba: He he....seriously mam, those days were incredible :-p !!!

  3. nice nice!!
    i duno if what we wear now is gona be a disaster years from now!

  4. @ram ; Ya possibly be....but i cnt imagine wht new or creative thy can do now with our style :-p !!!

  5. Hey Nice one! I too have observed such instances, like deep neck or big tummy underneath tight tees! But that "I'm better then LADY GAGA" is the Bestest! :)

  6. very well stated. those were the days.
    but sweet remembrance.

  7. @punit : THnx.....and LADY GAGA is seriously....nm speechless alwys :-p !!!
    @pramod sir : Thnx a lot sir :-) !!!