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Friday, May 27, 2011

World of Beauty - beyond it lies....!!!

Wrinkled face , no eyebrows , no eyelashes , bald head , just a skeleton , and no hopes in life , just a wait for the end .........but aaaahhhh.....still that SMILE :-) , thats the " REAL BEAUTY "!!!

Someone told me : " Real Beauty isn't about aesthetics, it isn't about how good you look, it isn't about how appealing it is to the eye. Real beauty is only about how great it makes you feel. It is always about how much it means to you when you see it. It is what gets your bowels stirring at its plain sight.

Like when you see something that makes you feel younger - the touch of a baby's fingers when it grasps your thumb, a feeling that runs through you when you see it smile, a feeling that tells you that you are needed.

Or perhaps when you see that astounding act of kindness when someone goes out of his/ her way just to help you out when you need it most. The feeling you get when you look into their eyes and feel that you are important to them, from your parent, from you best friend, or from someone who just believed you are important. Those eyes, those moments, that feeling of absolute acceptance, that is Real Beauty."

So true.......

The feeling is just about earning "Happiness and Smile" every moment in one's life in every situation.

I was lost in the world of perfection...
The fake palace of lights and glamour...
Searching myself was difficult...
Reflection was all i had.....
But the mirror was all broken...
Shattered the boulevard was....
Dreams were the reality...
But i knew it was just sojourn...
And I waited for so long....

Real Beauty is "REALITY".Reality of YOU , Reality of ME , Reality of being "TRUE TO YOURSELF".Beauty has no age, no conditions, no boundations, no limits to imagination.Beauty is a just a "THOUGHT" .Thoughts that make us beautiful,a feeling to hold forever,and cherish for lifetime.

Beauty is when you listen to me with a smile,
Beauty is when the tear trickles down when i laugh so hard,
Beauty is when I'm lost in thoughts,
Beauty is the silence in darkness,
Beauty is the smile before death,
Beauty is the birth of new life, 
Beauty is when i look in the MIRROR.........!

Dont search it around.....look inside you.....thats where the real beauty your HEART !!!


  1. well-formed thoughts :).......even a fraction of us will make an effort to think beyond physical concept of the life will be a beautiful living !

    Keep it up!!

  2. @yogita : Thanx a lot :-) !!!

  3. What a beautiful blog and wat awesome writing! Loved every bit of it! :) Very nicely penned

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  5. @anukriti : Thankyou :-) !!!

  6. Hi Raisa,
    Beautiful and thoughtful post!
    I loved it and that rhyme too :)
    Good Luck :)
    Check my thoughts on real beauty..

  7. @Simran : Thnx a lot dear :-) !!!