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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


     For everyone life may change up in a minute or say just a second, its that mysterious and dark at times . But who knows what's awaiting for you behind the scene. It can be a Big Bang creating whole new universe or the same old routine , one's been following since years. But everything leave behind the traces , may be for you to follow and grab something or  for someone else to follow you and bring the most unexpected thought in your life.Curiosity is the essence of living in this world, everything that happens lead to "SOMETHING". And we in greed of that "SomethinG" prays for one day more in our age.The search continues.....never ending !!!!!

  Now for me what matter is ,what one earns and loose in this journey of never ending search.I earned like hundred of beautiful friends, moments with my family and loved ones, the laughs that still echoes in my mind , cries which i shared , fights solved with a smile , ice creams  in that winter night , long walk in summer evenings , food made by my mom , sitting behind father's scooter, drizzle with a rainbow , lovely outing with my best friends ,latest crush, those special nicknames , and the lonely times i actually enjoyed. As human nature , i got so much to write....list goes on with memories getting piled up , but i cherish the beautiful ones among all.Though the shadows of past are very disturbing but " To get rid ourselves of the shadows- we must step either to total light or total darkness" . I opted and experienced both , and each has its own beauty if i think now.But still i love these mysterious light which comes from the corner every night and behold my breath everytime .

These shadows are lot scary at an instant , i woke up from a dream with red eyes , dejavu conquer my world around , again i start thinking and tear trickles down.But yes they are lovable sometimes , i play with these shadows of past , just choose the best among all , the thoughts make me smile , so fresh , so charming and priceless.....just like the fragrance of rose preserved in my book from long time.So whatever life has for me .... i know it be different and new. Behind the shadows i see a wall.......that lead to something bright or darkest of all.But I'm  not anxious for the aim , because i cherish these memories and try hard to make them real .Though few are gone , but a lot is left , i wanna collect those traces and make them my "REST".That's where still lies my heart , in a beautiful garden of joy once i rushed like a child and where i completed my journey with so much of zeal , wrapped in a purity of white satin bubble , with my loved ones around . So there lies a hope, that the brightest light behind the wall is the " Reality " i dream about , that's how i  wanna live my future days before i become shadow of someone's life..........

After all the " SHADOWS OF LIFE " is "JUST ABOUT YOU "....... !!!!



  1. Wonderful dear... welcome to the league to those who have realized that time has no power to heal or modify anything at all.. time itself is an illusionary thought.
    What separates a dream from reality is the perception, don't tell me sis that you never had dreams that seems more real than life itself..

  2. Thanx a lot bhaiya for all your appreciation , it encourages me a lot :-) !!! And yes i have learnt one thing....its all in my hand , what i want next, time has passed away , now its ME again :-) !!!

  3. wonderful write-up! childhood memories surely are the most treasured part of our life. and dreams in hand with our perceptions make us what v are...time may erase the major part of wht v go through but the outline or shadow still remains to serve as a guiding light :)

  4. @sarah : Thnx a lot sarah......thts y life is so intersting :-)

  5. very imaginative, and prudent way of penning down.

  6. Childhood. Dreams. Shadows. Sigh.

  7. @mangoman : Yups,lots in life,still beautiful.... :-)

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