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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ITS ALL ABOUT U :-) !!!!

Here goes my special one.............. :-) !!!

Sitting alone , thnking of you , m amazed ,
How were the things in past we faced,
You were always a question , making me confusing,
But now you are my answers , you are amusing ;

Is it my hallucination ,
Or is it the deed of my life's creation ,
Coz life's never been so beautiful before ,
I just feel every moment to adore u more ;

M enlightened with every drop of "YOU" ,
It sparkles me like sunshine falling on dew ,
You took me along the breeze of happiness ,
Where i danced in the rain with craziness ,
So I'm all lost in this moment of You and Me like never ,
And just wanna hold this relation of "US" the same forever and ever ...... !!!! :-)


  1. hey its really good...i didn't knw dat u r a writer....well...who is d lucky one for whom d lines are??

  2. Thnks a lot.......i strted writing aftr cumin to clg nly...!!! well for whum.....shhhhhhhhh :-p !!! still to come.... !!!

  3. its really nice!!!! :).....
    n its gr8 to c that u r using each every single talent of urs so beutifully.... :)
    keep it up!!!
    aaur yaar ye tto bato to whom this is dedicated to??? ;)

  4. As if parth doesn't know for whom you have written:-)