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Friday, April 23, 2010

" W T F "- Y is it so popular ..???

I never heard of this word before....rather never paid attention i must say , But actually observed after i came to Bangalore.Initially i wondered why its so usual for people out here.Later i discovered its a part of their lifestyle ,infact for them its not a slang but just a blank in mid of those fingers ,people enjoy using with every word !!!!

Do you think you are cool ...??? Do you wanna b centre of attraction... ??? Do u wanna prove yourself right and others wrong....??? Hey then start using this word as soon as possible,that will surely give u a different identity.BUT WHAT KIND OF IDENTITY.......depends whether u are among bunch of fools or some decent crowd....!!! Secondly its the most versatile word u can ever use........attach it with any emotion of your's and feel the difference :-p . For example,
Angry : **** U , il slap :- 0 !!!
Shocked : **** man , it was amazing :-@ !!!
Upset : **** i m lost :-( !!!
and the list goes there everywhere @@$$$ && ...!!!!
Finally the most important, our best buddy ever -'television'.As rodies is less about how well you can perform the task and more about how well you can make your voice go BEEP BEEP BEEP>>>>!!!

Hence the conclusion is ...with so many choices ,how can you deny its importance.Well then i guess its high time for me also to start using it,but doesn't my blog will sound bit audacious for the readers then.....hmmmmm.... Nyways no offence ,no debates,i can express myself better this way only...i guess ! For the rest ,this was just my way to focus bit light over its increasing popularity and make them aware of their new building indentity in society its all for a social cause :-p !!!

ENJOY ... !!!


  1. I think its a good approach to enhance ethical n moral values in ppl now a days...
    Nice way to express such thoughts Raisa..!!
    keep on doin good work..

  2. Fortunately,our traditional usages can take a backstage now.As they look so old fashioned.Its just 3 words for everything,so cool and thoughts.